How to save 1/2 on your groceries without clipping coupons

As I mentioned on Instagram today, I went grocery shopping late last night to restock my disturbingly empty post-vacation fridge. I use Deals To Meals to highlight all the best deals for the week for me because I'm too lazy to watch the ads. And BOY…The deals this week did NOT disappoint! I thought I'd share some of the best deals for the week, and how I manage to use up all this food without wasting any!

Since July 4th is coming up, some major essentials can be found for a steal this week – ground beef and turkey, drinks and chips, condiments, and produce galore! Here's my haul and some of the deals I took advantage of. Oh, but first be sure to check out my “How I grocery Shop” post for all the details on how I got these groceries for such a steal.

Ok, now for the breakdown…

How to save on groceries without clipping coupons

  • Cheese (both shredded and block): $5.99, reg $8.88
  • Ground turkey $2.99/lb (reg $4.64)
  • 80% lean ground beef: $1.99 (reg $4.48)

We saved SO MUCH MONEY on meat this week! This is a great thing to note: typically on the week of a holiday you will find appropriate meat on sale. Thanksgiving? Turkey. Christmas? Ham. July 4? Ground beef. Plan your shopping and meat-buying around holidays and stock up like mad, and freeze the extras!

  • Sour cream: $0.99 (reg $1.54)
  • Strawberries $1.66/lb (reg $1.98)
  • White onions: $0.25/lb (reg $0.99)
  • Nectarines: $0.98/lb (reg $1.50/lb)
  • Vine cluster tomatoes: $0.98/lb (reg $1.88/lb)
  • Capri suns (not well pictured): $1.49 (reg $1.98)
  • Kellog's cereal $2.50 & $1.99 (reg $3.50+ and $2.80+). Quite a bit of my budget went to cereal. I like to wait for the healthier stuff to go on sale, then stock up like crazy. My hubby LOVES cereal and this will last us for over 6 months (probably more since he's gone for the summer).

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons

  • Yellow squash: $0.98/lb (reg $1.48)
  • Green grapes: $0.88/lb (reg $2.48/lb)
  • Carrots $0.99 (didn't write down the regular price – oops!)
  • Bag of mini peppers: $1.99 (reg $2.98)
  • Granny smith apples: $0.98/lb (reg $1.77/lb)
  • Red delicious apples: $0.79/lb (reg $0.97/lb)
  • Bryers ice cream $2.49 (reg $3.87) – In the summer we are always entertaining and ice cream is a quick and easy go-to dessert for guests, so I like to have some quality ice cream on hand.
  • Yellow peaches: $0.99/lb (reg $1.50)

How to save 1/2 on your groceries without clipping coupons

  • Cilantro: $0.25 ea (reg $0.48 ea)
  • Broccoli and cauliflower: $0.88/lb (reg $2.18 & $2.98)
  • Red leaf & Romain lettuce: $0.88 ea (reg $1.48)
  • Seedless watermelon $0.25/lb
  • Cantaloupe $0.39/lb

…and those were only SOME of the fabulous deals!

Grand total of: $121.60

So I stayed within my $125 weekly grocery budget, and have enough groceries to last me at least 2 weeks.

Don't like shopping at Walmart, or don't have one nearby?

No worries, this can still work for you! I go to Deals To Meals (yes, they are nation-wide), find the best deals for the week, add what I need to my shopping list, then price-match ALL my local stores' best deals at Walmart. If you don't have a WM close by or you don't like shopping there, no problem! Just use Deals To Meals or look at your favorite grocery stores' ads. Find the best deals for the week (they will be on the front or back pages of the ads, or they will be flagged in red on D2M), choose the store with the best deals that week, and focus your shopping and meal planning around those sale items. Simple as that! Yes, I will admit that you will typically save the most money if you price-match at Walmart. But the other method works great too, you just have to take a few minutes before you shop to make a plan, and shop smart. Again, get all the details on this HERE.

Deals To Meals doesn't have many stores in your area?

No problem! Email [email protected], tell them what area you are in and what stores you would like, and they will get it added asap. They are great over there.

How in the world will I use up all that food before it goes bad?

Great question! My biggest tip: Freeze, freeze, freeze. I will leave out one ground beef and will throw the rest, as-is, straight in the freezer. Often times I will cook up most of the ground beef/turkey, separate it into 1-lb baggies, and freeze it so it's ready for quick meals like soups, tacos, and lasagna.

As for the produce, I put almost all of it in the fridge (I have a 2nd fridge in my basement which helps).  I will only leave 3 of something at a time, so it doesn't all go ripe at once. If we eat one, I'll pull one from the fridge to put on the counter to replace it. If it starts getting over-ripe or we are sick of eating it plain, I will make applesauce out of the apples, will freeze the fruit for desserts and smoothies, or I'll roast and puree the veggies to sneak into almost every meal (I use “Deceptively Delicious” cook book which is AMAZING). Here are “11 creative uses for fruit that you would otherwise throw out” to help. I will also throw veggies in the freezer as-is and use them in soups, or I'll steam them and eat them at a later time (just like you would a bag of frozen veggies from the freezer section of the store)!

*     *     *     *     *

Hope that helps! Be sure to stock up on great holiday deals this week, and have a happy and safe Independence Day.