Frugal Find Friday - steals, deals, and coupons to take advantage of

Happy Friday!

I haven't posted any great steals and deals in a while so I thought it was time! First up:

$300 off Braces or Invisalign

$300 off braces or invisalign - UTAH

Many of you know I got Invisalign several months ago. I was talking recently with a group of moms at a park play date and they were all lamenting about their Orthodontist situations. Several of them expressed having a hard time trusting their ortho because they always felt like they were just an up-sell opportunity. Several of them complained about long wait times, weird office hours, and difficulty setting appointments at convenient times.

I'm not going to lie…I felt guilty having nothing to add to the conversation because I've never experienced ANY of those things with my orthodontist! (Who is Dr. Parker in Murray, UT btw). I am NOT getting paid to say this, either! My heart just goes out to those moms who are in a similar frustrating situation. Getting braces or Invisalign for a child or for yourself is a huge commitment and expense. Going with Dr. Parker was 100% my choice and I chose him (even though it's a long drive from my house) because I trust him, he know what he was talking about, and it's been an amazing experience every time I go.

I told Dr. Parker how frugal my readers are (*high five*) so he said he’d love to offer an exclusive discount to FunCheapOrFree peeps…

$300 off any full comprehensive orthodontic case!

All you have to do is simply mention that you heard about this deal on FunCheapOrFree at Parker Orthodontics. This offer is good until 12/31/14.

So there you have it. Go check him out and save some (few hundred) bucks or two!