3 Tips for Picking the Right Healthcare Plan

Knowing which healthcare plan is right for your family can be difficult. Get my tips for helping you know which plan is right for your family, and how to afford healthcare without breaking the bank! www.FunCheapOrFree.com

One of the questions I seem to get most this time of year falls along the lines of, “How do I know I am picking the right healthcare plan for my family?”. Healthcare can be expensive, especially if you don't know what the different options are! Have no fear, Mama J has heard your call, and is here to help!

Watch the video online or click and watch below:

No time to watch? No problem! Here are the main points you'll want to know!


HSA? FSA? HRA? Premium versus out of pocket cost? Knowing the lingo for your healthcare options helps making the decision on which plan is best for you and your family so much less stressful! Luckily, United Healthcare's new website comes equipped with a quiz that checks to see if you are a health plan pro! It makes learning about your healthcare plan options fun! They are giving away prizes to those who complete the quiz! How does a $500 grand prize, and $100 weekly prize sound?! Amazing, right?!


Would a low premium, high out of pocket cost option be best for you? Or maybe a low out of pocket, high premium plan, instead? After evaluating how often we go to the doctor, a low premium, high-deductible plan was best for us. We are relatively healthy, so paying a bit more when we need to visit the doctor made most sense for us. Think about your needs, and weigh out your options.


Do you have a pediatrician you love? Are you planning to have a baby soon? If there are specialists, or certain doctors you prefer visiting, make sure you choose a network that covers those physicians. Otherwise, you'll be paying out of pocket to visit them… and that can add up QUICKLY!


Open a health savings account! The money you put into this account is tax-free! Many employers offer them along with healthcare plan options; or you can always look into getting one yourself! If that isn't an option for you, open an additional savings account dedicated to medical savings. Then, when you need to visit the doctor, you have a slush fund of savings to pay for what you need!

What tips do you have when it comes to choosing the right healthcare plan? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay healthy!



  1. Avatarkate says

    thank you for all of your tips and tricks – no matter what the topic! helps so many of us at all different stages of our lives!

    ps – love love love the floral sweatshirt! please do say it’s a yard sale or I may cry!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Dental is different from Health, unfortunately! Our family has health insurance, but not dental – we pay out of pocket for dental because insurance is so expensive. We save hundreds by just paying out of pocket. However, if you are employed (we are self-employed) maybe it’s a package deal that you could take advantage of!

  2. AvatarMike says

    I totally agree with you. Just to add up, you might want to find a doctor who is affiliated, or has privileges at different hospitals.

  3. AvatarChris Winters says

    I can definitely see why you would want to buy health insurance based on your family’s financial situation. My son currently struggles with a serious illness which has really taken a toll on our family. I definitely think that we should find an insurance broker that could help us to find a plan that suits our son’s needs for treatment.

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