3 Simple Things we are Doing to Save Money RIGHT NOW! [Saving with the Pages]

SUCH good ideas! Quick and easy ways for families to save money that take little to no effort. Now we're talking! From FunCheapOrFree.com

With summer ending, back-to-school in full swing, Fall and the Holidays fast approaching, this is the time of year where we in the Page Household shake off lazy summer spending and start to grip our wallets a little bit tighter, focusing a little more on squeezing every penny out of every dollar.

One common misconception about frugal living is that it's complicated, hard, mundane, and you need a masters in rocket science and math to navigate through it! I thought I would start popping in occasionally to lead by example, and share a few (random) things that my family is doing RIGHT NOW to save money. (And be sure to catch my regular quick tips on Instagram and Facebook too!) I decided to call it Saving with the Pages…because…well…it sounds cool. And almost rhymes. So why not.

The good news? These tips don't take any form of rocket science. Or math. Glory alleluia! Here are 3 quick ones to get us started…

3 Simple Things we are Doing to Save Money RIGHT NOW!

1. Bleach and Dye

Hutch and Priya both go to the same school, which requires navy and white uniforms. Although it is boring with a capital B, it makes for some easy school shopping! Last year a neighbor handed down a bag of navy and white clothes for Hutch. The navy pants and shorts were faded to bits, and the white shirts had some spots on them, but were otherwise in good condition (no holes, frays, etc.). Most people would toss them in the donate pile because of the spots and fading, which I was tempted to do. Instead I held onto them and I'm glad I did!

I bought some blue fabric dye, gathered all the faded navy clothes – leggings, shirts, pants, shorts, even dresses and skirts…

It's SO EASY to dye clothes that have faded! Super cheap too. FunCheapOrFree.com

…and dyed them to look like new again!

Same with the white shirts, I stain treated and bleached the heck out of them. Most of the spots came out completely, others were faded to the point of hardly noticing (see how I do my laundry for more). By being resourceful it helped me save probably 75% on back to school shopping, so we could put that money toward saving up for updates if we get the new house.

(P.S if you're interested, I'll do a post detailing how I dyed the clothes. It was SO easy! Just let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to know about!)

2. Double and Freeze

when you cook something, double and freeze! Get a FREE freezer meal book with great recipes, from FunCheapOrFree.com

I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday, explaining that I had a ton of rice, cooked diced chicken, black beans, corn, salsa, cheese, tortillas, and cilantro leftover from the weekend (I organized a big blog retreat and provided food). Instead of tossing it or letting it go bad in my fridge, I decided to make loads of individually wrapped freezer burritos for quick meals on the run. Though this isn't a new tip of mine, y'all loved it anyway!

I mixed all the ingredients in a huge bowl (minus the cheese), tossed it on a tortilla, added cheese, rolled it up and wrapped it in foil, then froze in gallon bags. I can bake an entire sheet of them (foil still attached if I wanted!) or unwrap and nuke them in the micro. This not only saves food from going to waste, but also keeps us from having to run through a drive through on busy nights. If you're going to take the time to cook, make double and freeze it! No need in doing 2x the ma

Psst…get my 30 page freezer meal e-book for tons of great recipes like this!

3. Make my own baby food

Making baby food is SO easy! And can save a ton of money. Get the easy way to do it at FunCheapOrFree.com

This is a result of a handful of blueberries and 1 peach. Made 1.5 jars.

No, I don't like cooking. And no, I don't like doing things that are an unnecessary amount of work (#LazyGirlProblems). But I do like to save a buck…so I figure out how to do the best things with the least amount of effort!

Baby food is one of those things. There are recipe books you can buy, hours you could spend, and gourmet baby meals you could slave over.


You can do what I do and rummage through your fridge for any kind of fruit and/or veggie, add it to my blendtec twister jar with a little water if needed, blend it up, dump it in a bowl or empty baby jar that I'm OCD about not throwing away (or spoon it to her straight from the twister…), put a lid on it and refrigerate what's left and BAM. Baby food in literally 30 seconds. (And remember, you can buy a refurbished Blendtec for a huge discount!) Daivy prefers chunks of food to eat with her own hands for dinner. But heck, you can even blend up whatever it is you're eating and turn that into baby food!  Taco soup? Blend it. Spaghetti? Blend it. No need to buy fancy chicken and rice in a jar…chicken and rice for dinner? Blend it! I even have this inexpensive squeeze station which will put it into disposable pouches for me, and basically saves my life (especially when feeding baby on the run).

When I'm home I make an effort to try to blend something up quickly for her first, rather than reach for the store-bought stuff. And Daivy is clearly stoked about it.

How to make your own baby food, it's SO EASY! From FunCheapOrFree.com

So there you go! Those are some quick and painless ways we are saving money right this second. What are YOUR current savings methods, big and small? Be sure to share with the rest of us!

Have a great week,



  1. AvatarCheyanne says

    I’m interested in more information about dying! I have to wear black scrubs to work every day and they fade like crazy! Extra points if you have a way to dye without using a washing machine since I have to go to the laundry mat. Thanks!

  2. AvatarMichelle says

    Love the squeeze station. ? Now my kids are super into yogurt so I buy the big tubs and use t for single serve yogurt on the go. Even with buying the bags it is cheaper than buying individually packaged!

  3. AvatarMarissa says

    I would love to hear how you dyed them! I actually received a gorgeous cream sweater as a gift. There was a bit of a laundry and it was washed with some new deep blue denim jeans. It came out of the wash with blue splotches and I was never able to get all the blue out of the cream. But the sweater was otherwise in perfect condition, so I would love to dye it blue or purple to save it!
    Help Jordan!!!

    • AvatarShannon says

      Hey Marissa-

      Obviously I’m not Jordan. I’ve done this before, so I’ll give you some tips that might help if you want to attempt to remove the dyed stains.

      Mix up a strong solution of Oxi Clean. I have one of those plastic tubs for washing dishes that I use for soaking clothes. Fill that up with hot water and dump in 2 or 3 heaping scoops of Oxi Clean and let that dissolve. This is way more than they tell you to use, but you will need it really saturated. Then let the shirt soak overnight.

      After that, I wash the idem again using warm water, detergent, and a scoop of Oxi Clean as recommended for a wash. I also throw in a Shout Color Catcher sheet. Trust me on this, but I’ve learned through trial and error that the Shout brand is worth the extra money, so don’t try the cheaper brands.

      You may need to repeat the process another time or two, but that is what usually works for me.

      It is best to wash new dark things in a dark load because most of the time they do lose some dye. However if you are ever going to wash something dark with light clothes, throw one of those Shout Color Catcher sheets in the wash. I have no idea how this works, but the dark dye really does end up on the treatment sheet instead of your light colored clothes.

      Hope that helps!

  4. AvatarEKM says

    I just bought a fabric shaver for $10. Removes all pilling and yuckiness that clothes develop– and removes it from my couch too! Great $10 spent! Now i will buy second hand clothes that are designer and gorgeous but have that worn look safely knowing I can fix it in five minutes 🙂

  5. AvatarAnne says

    My best blending trick is that a regular mouth canning jar works with nearly any Oster blender. The blender blade, gasket and cap screw onto the jar, allowing you to blend and serve in one jar. Even the cheapy $20 Oster does the trick for smoothies, baby food, soups, etc. It is also fantastic for grinding into powder dehydrated fruits, greens, etc. With the healthy stuff dehydrated and ground into a powder, you can sneak into lots of foods. Nothing goes to waste!

  6. AvatarLaura says

    I’ve been wanting to dye a few things, so I would love to read a post from you on how you did Hutch’s pants!

    Currently, I’m doing the tried-and-true shopping my fridge and pantry method for making meals. Taking inventory of what we already have on-hand and just throwing together meals out of that!

    I’m also trying to get creative about putting outfits together from what I already have in my closet instead of shopping for new items. I LURVE me some shopping, but the budget can’t always handle it, so restraint and creativity is key!
    Laura recently posted…My Secret to a Clean HouseMy Profile

  7. AvatarJenna says

    Double & Freeze… I have two teenagers who are always hungry. I have been making burritos for awhile now. I prefer to wrap them in a paper towel. Then store in a ziploc bag in the freezer. That way they can just grab one out of the freezer and micro it and be off. They also have the paper towel for a napkin. They love them!!

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