The simplest budgeting technique EVER

Folks, sorry for the radio static over here. I can't even BEGIN to tell you the crazy week I've had! Don't worry, I'll be able to spill all the beans soon. But let's just say that your socks are about to be knocked off. All the way off. And your shoes too.

Seeing as how it's 2015 and all (when did that happen, right??) many of you have been asking for updated Envelope Budget printables! Well, my girl Lindsay (who used to help out over here at FCF before starting her own amazing blog) came through and updated those adorable envelopes she designed for us. If you remember, this is truly the simplest budgeting technique…EVER. All you need is ONE envelope per month, unlike those other envelope budgets where you have bazillions of them that you have to keep track of.

This super-simple system (say that 10x fast) has helped tens of thousands of people (myself included) save inordinate amounts of money, get their budgets on-track, and has even helped people become debt-free. It's also on it's way to curing cancer and solving world hunger, if you're curious.

Learn all about how to work the envelope budget system HERE. And, as requested, here are…

Your handy dandy 2015 budget envelopes!

The simplest budgeting technique EVER! from

Click HERE to download!

I hope this helps you all get on TRACK this year. See how I did that? Track? Tracking envelopes? Get it? Snort.