$150 Christmas Wish List Giveaway!


Merry Christmas in…September? Yes, it's only September! But if you remember my “5 things you should do in the Fall to prepare for the Holidays” post, you should be starting to plan ahead for Christmas right now (believe it or not). Lucky for you, I can help you accomplish this by giving you $150 to take care of your Christmas wish list this year (yes, you read that right).  Before I toss $150 in your direction, let me explain what it's for and how to win…

I discovered a new website (it just launched) called WishBin. Guys…I. AM. OBSESSED. It's beyond GENIUS. The way it works is you sign up (for free, duh) at WishBin.com, then you download this little shortcut thingie:

Wishbin - cool site to track and post your gift list (Christmas, shower, birthday, etc)

Right now it has to be used with Google Chrome, by the way. So any time you are surfing the net using Google Chrome and find something you love, you simply click and drag it into your “WishBin”….or your kids' bins, your your spouse's bin, or your dog's bin…

You put in the size, color, or any other specifics, and voila! You now have a gift wish list for yourself, your family (really helpful at Christmas time), or even for guests of your wedding/shower. (Check out the WishBin I started for me and my kids HERE. It's been fun to “bin” things that I would love to have, but would never think to buy for myself).

$150 WishBin wish list giveaway

Each year we draw names in Bubba's family, for a Christmas gift exchange. This year we are going to use WishBin and simply check out each others' bins for gift ideas! I makes getting birthday presents for my nieces and nephews way easier too, because we are adding things to our bins all the time which keeps them current.

So, now for the good part…

Want to win $150 worth of items from your own WishBin wish list?

Winning is super easy! Just enter online HERE or use the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy wishing!


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