I found THIS article on my girl Oprah's site. It's great, so I had to share! It's 12 ways to eat well on a budget. These tips are great to mix in with my own grocery shopping tips.

This is a great article for those who have more gourmet tastes, especially. Some of her tips include:

  • When using prosciutto in a recipe, go for the cheap stuff or use good ol' bacon. Save the expensive, “real” stuff for when you're serving it straight-up.
  • With coffee, skimp on everything except the beans. Buy nice beans, and buy cheap-o everything else!
  • If oil is going to be cooked, you can use vegetable oil or cheap olive oil. When serving it as a vinaigrette, use 2/3 olive oil; no need for “extra virgin” labels. It's MUCH cheaper than EVOO!
  • For organic fruits, don't worry about going organic on fruits that have thicker peels like avocados, bananas, and oranges (to name a few).
  • Store-brand sugar and fancy sugar are nearly indistinguishable! Same with butter.

Check out all the other great tips HERE.
Happy cooking!

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