Today I am introducing something new to FCF…
I'm setting a goal to do exercise of some kind 6 days a week (4 of which will be intense), while also making healthier eating choices for the entire month of July.  This will hopefully shed these last 10lbs of baby weight as an added result to getting fit and feeling better.
Why would I do such a crazy thing, you might ask?
 Let me back up and explain a bit…
I was always pretty active growing up, mostly with cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and some track and field. I was never much of a born athlete, but was always involved in athletics enough to stay relatively slim. In college I would go to the gym pretty regularly (whether to stay fit or hit on buff gym guys, you'll just never know…), but, again, never stressed too much about overall fitness.


Now, at 27, I'm not nearly as active as I once was. Until I had baby Beck in February, I would walk my dog every morning, giving me at least some consistent exercise. Since then? I think I've walked him once. Having 3 kids in 3 years certainly hasn't helped; my core muscles are shot, as is my back.
I use all the excuses in the book, “I choose to live an active lifestyle, I don't need a gym.” “I chase my kids around all day, that is plenty of exercise.” “I'll be able to exercise consistently when my kids are all in school. Until then it's impossible.”
My back and ribs (6 of them got out of whack when pregnant with my oldest) have been next to unbearable lately. I finally went to the doc, expecting him to prescribe me PT or chiropractics. His prescription?
4 months of Pilates and Yoga. I was ticked.
“Where's my easy button? Can't someone crack and pop me back into place and let me move on? Pilates and Yoga? What a joke. So you're one of those docs. Good to know.”
To make it worse, he prescribed my hubby (Bubba) 1hr of exercise per day because his cholesterol is bad. Bugged me even more.
Well guess what? After thinking about it for longer than 2.3 seconds, I realized…He's right.
All my ailments and things I complain about are from lack of muscle tone, core strength, poor posture, and straight-up weakness!
So, that's it.
I'm tired of making excuses.
I'm tired of feeling old and crickety.
I'm tired of my back and knees hurting.
I'm tired of feeling sluggish and slow.
I'm tired of feeling “soft” with no muscle-tone.
I'm tired of having stiff muscles and not being able to stretch to my toes.
I'm tired of thinking, “I could never do that” when I see people touch their toes or do a triathlon.
I'm tired of being tired all the time.
So…I'm going to challenge myself, embrace change, and I want YOU to play along!

Here's how I plan to do it:

  • I am setting the goal to post a quick update every day for the entire month of July to help my stay accountable. I will also post updates and “weigh-ins” on Instagram so you can follow along.
  • I am doing this with my hubby so we can keep each other motivated.
  • We borrowed my neighbor's Insanity DVD  so we will simply be exercising at home in our living room each night (4x per week), then jogging, swimming, hiking, or doing some other form of exercise together the other days.
  • I am going to make a conscious effort to try to cut back on sugar, eat more fruits and veggies, and make healthier choices when we go out to eat.
While losing 10lbs would rock my socks, I am not as concerned about weight loss as I am about getting in better shape by the end of the month. I want to be able to complete the DVD's fitness test without feeling like I'm going to die. My ultimate goal is increased energy and core strength, and to get cardio stamina back…and look better in a swimsuit 🙂
So, please join me!
Join me in the quest to get healthy this month! Read my posts here.
Post your pictures, encouraging words, advice, or just say hey on Instagram and/or Twitter! Use the hashtag #fcf10lbchallenge to post your own successes and progress! Get your friends on-board! Follow along with my daily updates! If we do this together,
we can do it.
…not to mention we will be having contests and giveaways throughout the month for those playing along…
Another fun idea?
Get your family & Friends involved and make money too!
My family members are all participating in the FCF 10lb challenge. We are all putting $25 in a pot. Whoever loses 10lb by Aug 1 splits the pot. Whoever doesn't, loses their money to the pot. It's a fun way to keep each other motivated and accountable, while giving an even greater incentive for accomplishing it!
So let's hear it…
*enter chest bump and grunting*
Let's Do THIS!