Today is the 29th…only a few more days left of the FCF 10-Pound Challenge!
Starting weight: 147.2, (5'9 tall)   
Goal weight: 137.2 by Aug 1  
Exercise goal: Intense – 4 days, moderate – 2 days per week

This 10-Pound challenge has been a whirlwind. It started when myself, my hubby, and my family went on vacation and decided that we needed “a kick in the butt” to get healthy. Since it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, we figured taking a month to lose a solid 10-lb would be a good way to start!

I've been posting my status updates (almost) every day on Instagram. It's been so fun to see you all following along too!

There are only a few days left. I went to Chicago for a blog conference this weekend and before I left I had only 2 lb to go!! I was worried about gaining it all back with the late-night parties and eating out during my trip, but luckily I only went up by 1lb…so I have exactly 3 pounds to go. Gulp.

I am DETERMINED to do whatever it takes to lose this weight! It's not necessarily for my body in the mirror, but more because

  I want to prove it to the world and to myself that you can do hard things with lots of hard work!

Keep cheering me on and cheering yourself on, we're almost to the end! Finish strong. Don't give up.