DAY 5, 6, 7 AND 8 RECAPS:
Oops! Have you missed me? I'm sorry I've gotten so behind on recapping my last few days of the #FCF10lbChallenge.
I have LOTS of super duper big huge exciting projects going on (details coming very soon so STAY TUNED) that have been keeping me crazy-busy. Excuses, excuses.
I'll quickly recap the last few days for you:
Starting weight: 147.2, (5'9 tall)   Goal weight: 137.2 by Aug 1  Exercise goal: Intense – 4 days, moderate – 2 days per week
Day 5:
Weigh on day 5: 144.6 – up .4 from day 4
Exercise?: Insanity DVD workout at home

After falling off the wagon on day 4, I refocused on day 5. Bubba and I exercised hard-core at 11:30pm, even though it was the LAST thing on this planet I wanted to do. We even ate out for dinner and made better choices, such as opting for a steak salad and getting a whole wheat tortilla. I'm starting to see slight results in the mirror, which is exciting and motivating. The greatest lesson I learned is that CHEATING does NOT feel good. I thought it would in the moment, but it only lead to disappointment and taking 2 steps back and undoing lots of hard work.
Want to know what?…It's the same with finances! Sometimes you might get discouraged and think, “man, this is HARD…it's just not FUN.” and cheat. But the aftermath of cheating leaves me more down than I was before. Staying strong has much greater reward in the long-run!
I'm looking forward to a good, hard workout tonight to make up for not feeling good.
So that good, hard workout I was talking about?
The picture above is of the PROFESSIONALS in the Insanity DVD…flat on the floor! Even Shaun-T (the guy who created the DVD) laid on the ground and started cursing. Karma I guess.
Day 6
Woke up weighing 143.2, which is my 4-lb mark! 2/5 the way there! Feeling MUCH better than yesterday. Tonight the workout was abs-only, and it was only 15 minutes so we didn't burn many calories. But at least we worked out on a Saturday night! I'm happy with the progress I'm making so far. I'm hoping I can keep up the momentum for an entire month. Wish me luck…
Day 7

Yikes. Woke up .8 higher than yesterday, but I figured that would be the case because of the few calories my workout burned. Today is Sunday, and it's my day off from exercise…so the results may be a bummer tomorrow on the scale! We're cooking healthy meals and concentrating on our eating, so hopefully that will help out a little. Except…we are having friends over for dessert, and I'm going to allow myself a brownie. I feel completely fine about it too. I think 100% depriving myself of the things I love will NOT make for a happy experience. It's all about balance! …but let's see what the scale says…

Day 8
Today is Monday, the 1-week mark from when I started! It's interesting the process this week has been. The thing that has been hardest for me is the TIME it takes to get healthy; planning out meals, concentrating on what I'm eating, and the time it takes dedicating to a good workout.
I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up .2lb less than yesterday, even after NO workout, and enjoying dessert. I'm looking forward to a good, hard workout tonight.
Regardless…I really really really really don't feel like working out tonight, especially since (once again) we started our workout at 11:30pm. Luckily my cute shoes are keeping me motivated.
Got them on clearance at the Nike outlet near me. Yippee!
The thing I learned today? It's MUCH harder to go back to workout out after taking a day off. We were exhausted (didn't help that we started the workout around midnight), our muscles were stiff, and we were winded easier. I know see that it's better and easier for me to keep going and stick with the plan every day. Taking time “off” only makes getting back “on” harder!
 Day 9/10
Sorry about the messed up out-of-order pics here. Tuesday (day 9) I saw .4lb loss from the hard workout, which was great. However, since enjoying that brownie on Sunday I'm now having a REALLY hard time saying no to SUGAR!! I used to be so careful about it, but I find myself reaching for candy here and there, or enjoying a cupcake at a blogger activity (oops…) without thinking twice. Just like taking a break from exercising, I now see that taking a break from FOOD makes it much harder as well!
On Instagram I posted this pic, complaining about how hard it is for me to come up with healthy snacks that actually sound good. I feel like I'm hungry all. the. time. I'm still nursing after all (supposed to each much more than usual) and now working out hard-core. I asked you all for your favorite healthy snacks, and BOY did you deliver with a bazillion ideas! Go to IG to see them (use #FCF10lbchallenge).
Day 10 (today):
Last night I was overwhelmed, exhausted, WAY BEHIND on blogging and home stuff (hence the massive catch-up post today), and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I decided to skip my workout and focus on going to bed early. I woke up .2lb less than yesterday even though I didn't work out, which was great. I'm trying to focus on avoiding sugar again. I'm still pretty exhausted, so working out with my hubby late tonight will be a challenge. BUT…I'm committed to doing it, so wish me luck!
In general, I'm already seeing the workouts become “easier” for me. They are still hard as heck, but I can do much more than before. I'm probably at 50-60% of the hard-core workout, vs the 30% of where I started. It makes me feel better that even the people on the DVD (Shaun-T himself) can't even do 100%, they are all at about 90-95%. Maybe there's hope for me still…
How have YOU been doing?? Leave a comment and share, and play along on Instagram and Twitter using #FCF10lbChallenge!