Day 3 Review:
Starting weight: 147.2, (5'9 tall)   Goal weight: 137.2 by Aug 1  Exercise goal: Intense – 4 days, moderate – 2 days per week
Weight lost in day 2: 145.8, 1.4 lbs!
Exercise?: Moderate at-home workout (Insanity)

Wow. As hard as Day 2 of the 10-Pound Challenge was (it was no fun exercising at 11pm and avoiding all my favorite desserts at the family party), it really paid off! Waking up 1.4 lb lighter today really made me see how worth it these sacrifices are. As I mentioned when I started this, the weight isn't the priority issue for me; it's more about training myself to make healthy choices and to make time for exercise. Turns out losing weight is a HUGE bonus though!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm fully working to lose 10lb because I don't want to lose my money in my family challenge.

Today it seemed a little easier to make good choices, especially with food. However, the big thing I'm learning is that it takes TIME to put those choices into action. The easy way out is to give into the conveniences around me. It takes TIME to make food from scratch. It takes TIME to make food rather than eat out. It takes TIME to exercise. It takes TIME for my hubby to pack his lunch before work…
But I'm learning that sacrificing a little TIME for the greater good is worth the sacrifice…

Because sacrifice is giving up something GOOD, for something BETTER. 
Bubba did a great job taking time to pack his lunch and snacks:
Way to go, Bubba!

Tonight we went to a free premier of Despicable Me 2. I wasn't sure what to do about dinner, because we needed to eat on the run. Normally we would've grabbed a $5 pizza or gone through a drive through. Instead, I planned ahead and took a little TIME and whipped something up instead.

I quickly thawed some frozen chicken by sitting it in hot water, sliced the chicken, then sautéed it with some red bell peppers (that I had sliced and put in my freezer) and onion. Added some seasonings, put it in a tortilla, wrapped it in foil, and BAM! I call it a chicken fajia wrap to-go.

Just one chicken breast was MORE than enough to fill two wraps to the brim.

I love me some treats when watching a movie, so I packed my hubby and I each a small snack-sized ziplock of M&M's, sweedish fish, and Starbursts (some of our favorites). Normally, I would've eaten the whole thing without blinking. But I found myself eating a piece of candy here and there, but ultimately putting it away thinking “this just isn't worth the calories to me.”

We got home late, put the kids down later, and I was SO. EXHAUSTED.
But…we still needed to exercise.
I tried talking Bubba out of it, but he's much stronger than I am…so we did it. At 11:30pm.
We are hard-core.
We are doing the Insanity DVDs  and it was music to my ears to hear that it was a “muscle recovery day” so the workout was very moderate and only 20 minutes. I wanted to kiss the TV screen. After we worked out, once again, it felt SO GOOD and we were proud of ourselves for making the decision to do it, even though it was late and we were exhausted.
We'll see if we can keep this up…is has only been 3 days after all.
How was YOUR day 3? Leave a comment and share! 
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