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Fiber mascara…worth the cost? + how to use it. An unsponsored opinion!

Hello from Ireland! Yes, I’m still in Ireland so today I’ve scheduled another video for you to help curb your aching heart in my absence. Today’s video is an interesting one. We’ve all seen or heard of the big Fiber Mascara craze floating around the universe. I kept seeing (and get emailed just about every week from)

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How I do my laundry. (Unconventional, but it works!)

Before baby Daivy was born I put a call out on social media, asking for questions that YOU want answered. Boy, the questions came rolling in! (Psst…Got questions of your own? Drop them HERE.) One genre of questions that was interesting to me was about our wardrobes: How we’ve been able to afford so many

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How to put on fake eyelashes (…and make them look good!)

Recently I posted a “Frugal Minute” tip on Instagram/Facebook talking about how I wear $5 fake eyelashes (that can be reused again and again) instead of doing expensive (and damaging) eyelash extensions. The response for me to do a video on how to put on fake eyelashes was OVERWHELMING. So…you ask, I deliver! The list of benefits of wearing

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How to use HOT ROLLERS! (…and actually make it look good!) Q&A Monday

For Focus on Change Month this month, one of the 3o Days of Positive Change challenges is to try something new with your hair. In honor of this challenge, I decided to dust off my old, unused and sadly neglected hot rollers and give them the ol’ college try. YOWSA! The result was way better than

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Dividing financial responsibilities in marriage – how to, and WHY! Reader Q&A

Happy Monday! For Q&A Monday I’m answering a question that I’ve actually been meaning to do a post about…well…forever, sadly. So I’m glad for the push to finally get around to doing it! (P.S got a question for me? Drop it in my Q&A Box!) Today is all about divine up spending responsibilities in your

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