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21 Last Minute Easter Ideas – Quick, Easy, and CHEAP!

Raise your hand if you’re a procrastinator! (ooh me! me! pick me!). Though, I prefer to call it “works best under pressure”. Let’s be honest, Easter is only a few days away, but I haven’t even begun to think about Easter. But I want it to be fun and memorable for my kids, right?? Lucky

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10 Delicious ham recipes…using leftover Easter ham!

Mmm…I’m still dreaming of our delicious Easter dinner. However, if you’re anything like me, you get sick pretty quick of eating plain ol’ ham every night. And…if you’re anything like me you absolutely HATE wasting. Anything. Ever. Lucky for you I got a little creative! I scoured the web to find 10 delicious ham recipes using leftover Easter ham

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