Live Q&A’s

As you can imagine, I get LOTS of emails in a week with bazillions of incredible questions! While I do my best to get to each of them, it’s getting harder and harder due to sheer numbers. Plus, I’m noticing lots of the same questions coming in each week. I finally figured out, “Hey! If I answer the questions publicly, I bet it will answer MANY peoples’ questions at once!”
Ding ding.
Yes folks, a little slow over here.
Here’s how to get your questions answered:
Live Q&A with blogger & frugal living expert - Aug 14 via YouTube.

Here’s how the Live Q&A’s work (and why you should join in on the fun):

Live Q&A via Google+ and Youtube:

  • My next live Q&A is scheduled for:  Thursday August 14th at 8:30pm MST (7:30PST, 9:30CST, 10:30EST) via Youtube.
  • Yes, I will be in my house. So yes, you will probably hear dogs and kids in the background. No, I might not be wearing makeup…or a bra…
  • The live chat is powered through Youtube and Google+. So you can join/watch on any device that you can watch YouTube on…even your phone!
  • won’t be able to see or hear anyone; it’s as if you’re watching me on TV (weird for me, awesome for you…).
  • I will spend around 30 minutes answering as many questions as possible! (Yes, I used to do an hour in the past, but really…who sits down and watches an hour-long video?? So we’ll try shorter and see how it goes – be sure to give me your feedback!)
  • Since no one can see or hear you, feel free to be multi-tasking; doing your dishes, folding your laundry, working out, or doing whatever you’d like during the Q&A. Just plug a headset into your phone or computer so you can hear me ramble and away you go!
  • To join in live, keep your eye on my Facebook page. At 8:30pm sharp I’ll post the link to the session. You simply click on the link, and start watching! So easy.
  • To submit a question LIVE during the Q&A session you simply leave a question in the comments of the Facebook post that has the link to the Q&A. During the session your question is guaranteed to be answered. If I run out of time during the Live Q&A, I will answer it on my blog within the week.
  • Your questions can be about absolutely ANYTHING. Feel free to ask about…
    • Frugality, tips, tricks
    • Advice for YOUR financial situation
    • “How do you…” “How should I…” “What do you do when…”
    • Blogging
    • My personal life
    • My day-to-day routine
    • My family
    • Heck, what size shoe I wear! (11, by the way)
    • You can leave tips for me to share to other readers.
    • Or simply to tell of a frugal success story. I loooove those!
    • Just no questions about astronomy. Or science. I promise I will NOT have the answer.
  • If you miss the live session, have no fear. It will automatically record to YouTube and I will post the link to the video the following day, so you can go back and watch the video at your convenience.
  • Can’t make the live Q&A but have questions? No worries…submit your questions ahead of time! I will only get to pre-submitted questions once the live questions have been answered. But in the past I’ve been able to get to quite a few pre-submitted questions so have no fear :) Just email your questions in advance to You can also drop your questions in our Q&A BOX.

It’s really a ton of fun, so I hope you join me!


Most recent Q&A:

(July 17, 2014)


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