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As you can imagine, I get LOTS of emails in a week with bazillions of incredible questions! While I do my best to get to each of them, it’s getting harder and harder due to sheer numbers. Plus, I’m noticing lots of the same questions coming in each week. I finally figured out, “Hey! If I answer the questions publicly, I bet it will answer MANY peoples’ questions at once!”
Ding ding.
Yes folks, a little slow over here.
Here’s how to get your questions answered:
2. Live Q&A via Google+ and Youtube:
  • Join me LIVE on Monday nights, every 3 weeks (ish) at 8:00pm MST (7PST, 9CST, 10EST) via Youtube.
  • Yes, I will be in my house. So yes, you will probably hear dogs and kids in the background. No, I might not be wearing makeup…or pants… ;)
  • The live chat is powered through Youtube and Google+. So you can join/watch on any device that you can watch YouTube on…even your phone!
  • won’t be able to see or hear anyone; it’s as if you’re watching me on TV (weird…). BUT the cool part is that I will see your questions and answer them LIVE via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
  • We will spend 1 hour answering as many questions as possible! Since no one can see or hear you, feel free to be doing your dishes, folding your laundry, working out, or doing whatever you’d like during the Q&A.
  • Your questions can be about absolutely ANYTHING. Feel free to ask about…
    • Frugality, tips, tricks
    • Advice for YOUR financial situation
    • “How do you…” “How should I…” “What do you do when…”
    • My personal life (…ALMOST anything goes…)
    • My day-to-day routine
    • My family
    • Heck, what size shoe I wear! (11, by the way)
    • You can leave tips for me to share to other readers.
    • Or simply to tell of a frugal success story. I loooove those!
    • Just no questions about astronomy. Or science. I promise I will NOT have the answer.
  • To join in live, keep your eye on my Facebook page. At 8pm sharp I’ll post the link to the session. You simply click on the link, and start watching! So easy.
  • Questions submitted live will get top priority and will be answered immediately. Due to the sheer number of questions that come in, that’s the best way to ensure your question gets answered. On Google+ you can submit your question to me live, just like an instant message! It’s super cool.
    • If you miss the live session, have no fear. It will automatically record to YouTube and I will post the link to the video the following day, so you can go back and watch the video at your convenience!
To submit your questions…
  • You can email your questions in advance to
    • During the live session, you can post your questions to:
      • Our Facebook wall, use the hashtag #FCFliveQandA
      • Or if you follow me on Google+ you can watch the live feed and post a question directly to me during the filming from my Google+ profile page! It’s so easy; it’s like instant message, but cooler!
  • Just FYI…live questions will be given priority, otherwise all questions will be chosen at random.

You can also drop your questions below if you prefer (or HERE online):

2. Previous Q&A’s:
Most likely your question has already been answered! Check the list of questions below to see if yours is in there:

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