My Favorite $6 Photo Book is Raising Price…Unless You Buy NOW!

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

Remember when I told you about my $6 photo book secret, aka Chatbooks? If you remember, they print all your Instagram pictures into these awesome 6×6 books, complete with captions and dates. For Frugal Find Friday I had to let you know that starting this summer (as early as late July) they are raising their price to $8!! GASP. I know.

But don't you fret…

…For anyone who signs up BEFORE the price change, you will be grandfathered in to the $6 price for 2 YEARS!

Awww, isn't that nice of them? But wait, there's MORE!

Use the code FUNCH145 to get your first Instagram series book free!

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

My kids love them, and I love them because they are HANDS-DOWN The easiest way ever to “scrapbook”.

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

So hurry over to Chatbooks, enter the code FUNCHEAP145 at checkout, and don't delay!


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  1. Hey there! I’m trying to create an account with chatbooks but after the info is filled out and I hit the create account button, nothing happens. Its like a huge disconnect. Anyone else having this problem??

    • Oh no!! Have you tried contacting their customer service? they are ON IT. Just be sure to tell them you’re trying to use the code so it gives you the first book free, it might bypass that if they do it from their end. If you don’t get ahold of them let me know!

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