Frugality Boot Camp early bird ticket price, extended until Friday!

Since it's the new year and all,

Since I'm still in the spirit of Christmas,
…and let's be honest since I've been on vacation for a week with no internet access so I've been completely MIA and haven't been a good girl about reminding you all of the ticket price change coming up oh so quickly…

We've extended the Frugality Boot Camp early bird ticket price AND the spouse discount price until FRIDAY! 
Prices until Friday are $49, after Friday they are $69 each.

I hope it gives you all a few more days to round up your spouse, friends, and neighbors and enjoy the rest of your Holiday…and come join us for a day that will change your life. Read all about the boot camp HERE.  

So come join us and start your New Year out right…the fun way 🙂
Happy New Year!!


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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's just a *tad* bit ridiculous that the "Frugality Bootcamp" is $50 plus $25 for a spouse?? Aren't people who struggle financially the ones truly in need of this? It would seem that you would offer the information for a more reasonable price. Or maybe a slimmed down version for a bit less. Seems like it would make more sense and help those who truly need it. Seems a bit greedy.

  2. Are you going to put any of this online? I don't live in Utah, but would love to see some of the materials.

  3. This is how they can afford a 7 bedroom home and have enough income for 7 bank accounts. Love some of her ideas, just not seeing how month to month paycheck families making most of her ideas work.

  4. Great question. We are currently working on the technology to offer a series of webinars to those out of state so you can participate in mini boot camp sessions virtually. With the impending arrival of baby #3 coming soon it's not going to happen as soon as I'd like, but we plan to have something completed at the latest within the next 6-12 months. So keep reading, we'll keep you posted!

  5. To the nay-sayers…Think about it! The reason they charge money for this type of workshop is because, not only are the participants willing and wanting to attend, but these individuals may not be able to research, organize, and plan on their own. If someone is willing to devote their time to helping me out, I am willing to pay for their TIME and SERVICES provided. Because, I don't know about you, but I saw some prizes being given away, food, snacks and drinks. Also, as a participant, they got to take home all of the kits, handouts, and pamphlets that were tediously (I'm sure) prepared. Everything costs something and you choose to pay for those things you feel are worth your hard earned money. I don't feel that $50 for this type of workshop is unreasonable. It costs money to save money…

  6. I like the fact that you allow comments to be posted, even if they are negative. So, because you have a frugality website, you aren't supposed to have a comfortable lifestyle? I'm sure it wasn't always that way.

    $50 for any meeting is cheap. You have to have materials, food, beverages, space, speakers, cirriculum. Did someone say you were a not for profit organization? Come on ….. such negativity arghhh

    Good for you if you have 7 bank accounts and 7 bedrooms. I love this blog i'm going to follow it. Well done.

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  8. Found your blog from Pinterest! Great ideas, and very inspirational for families struggling month-to-month!

  9. I would like to know if there is another date coming up soon I would love to drive there and attend if I can. And I would pay the 50$ if it helps me stay out of debt or get out of this rut I am in.

  10. Well you obviously needed to read it and I hope it helped . And if you don't want to go then don't but compared to a lot of other workshops that is a great deal cheaper. Also everyone makes a living somehow. She just found her niche. I am sorry you fell this way .

  11. Pam, we'd love to have you at the next one! We will be having one in January (2014) for sure, but we are tossing around the idea of doing one even sooner than that. Just keep checking back (get on our email list, that's the best way to stay informed) and we'll keep you posted!

  12. Before I say anything, I just want to say this is my very first time on this website and I don't even know Jordan.
    In order to put on an event like this, one has to pay for the venue and anything they provide (servers, food, media, office supplies etc.) There is much more involved here than just paying Jordan. She obviously "gets it" otherwise she wouldn't have a website for something that advertises "cheap and FREE". If someone can't attend the boot camp because of the cost, the website is the next best thing. Instead of thinking negatively, focus on the good things Jordan is already trying to do for people she doesn't even know!

  13. I appreciate all comments, whether the person agrees or not, so please no one feel like I'm replying to (and pointing fingers at) you directly 🙂 I just wanted to throw in a little more perspective – for those who may not have thought about this aspect. 🙂 I work at a job where we book meeting rooms for clients all over the country. The expense of the room alone (for this many attendees, chairs for them to sit in, access during hours the location is not normally open for business, use of the projector and other equipment, etc.) would have required at least 15 participants to sign up at $50 to make it worth it. This of course is outside of the food provided, prizes, kits, bundles, handouts, time and energy by all the presenters and hosts. As others have said, I do think if this is something you are truly in need of (like myself), but am struggling financially, the small one-time fee of $50 to gain the tools, resources and knowledge you need to turn your life around is worth it.

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