Birthday Week Giveaways! Five Giveaways In Five Days!

Birthday Giveaways of all my favorite things! From


I am SO excited about this week! Not because it's my birthday (don't get me wrong, I am sure it is going to be great – Yay! getting older) but because of what we have planned for YOU! Because you guys make the magic happen and since we can't all party it up together on my birthday, I figured this is the next best thing. For my birthday I wanted to honor the peeps in my life, that's YOU, and do FIVE days of GIVEAWAYS for some of my very favorite things!

Here is how it's going to go down…

Birthday Giveaways of all my favorite things! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! From


Each day we are going to have a new giveaway listed right here on this post… so you might want to bookmark it or do something to keep it handy. We will share reminders on Facebook and Instagram (and here) as well but I don't want you to miss those posts!

  • We will post the new giveaway each morning and it will close 24-hours later.
  • The NEW giveaway will then begin running for another 24-hours and so on.
  • Each winner will be announced at the close of that particular giveaway and they will have 24 hours to get in-touch with us to claim their prize.

Sound easy? It is!

Birthday Giveaways of all my favorite things! From



Cents of Style– let's just go ahead and insert a big ‘ole heart emoji here. I love Cents of Style for their fashion sense and their awesome deals. Plus, their company is founded by a rockstar woman and has an amazing company mission to make women feel good about themselves (on a budget)! We are giving away TWO Cents of Style gift cards. That is right, two winners will receive a $100 gift card to Cents of Style! You must be +18  and be a US or Canadian resident to win. This giveaway is sponsored by FunCheaporFree and Cents Of Style.

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Beddy's Beds! You guys, if you don't know about this Beddy's yet prepare to have your mind blown. Slightly joking but this bedding is AWESOME! It has zippers and makes making the bed a sinch! You can find out more here! We are giving away TWO Beddy's gift cards. That is right, two winners will receive a $150 gift card to Beddy's Beds! You must be +18  and be a US or Canadian resident to win (there are other international countries available but certain restrictions apply- see their website for details). This giveaway is sponsored by FunCheaporFree and Beddy's Beds.

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Lily Jade– I recently shared my Baby Must-Haves and you all saw how fabulous Lily Jade bags are. If you have been hoping to snag one for yourself now is the time. They are so gorgeous and 12 inner pockets you guys. 12! It's organization galore. Even if you don't have a baby these bags are so stylish, that is one of the things that makes them so awesome. We are giving away THREE gift cards for Lily Jade. You must be +18. This giveaway is sponsored by FunCheaporFree and Lily Jade.

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Budget Boot Camp & Productivity Boot Camp– of course these are both some of my favorite things! As I have talked to others and listened to comments and messages on social media, I have found that there are Freebs out there that would love to have these programs, but just haven't been able to swing it yet. So I am giving away both of the programs. You must be +18. This giveaway is sponsored by FunCheaporFree.

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Get Away Today– If you've used Get Away Today to plan any of your travel plans you know how great they are to A) get great deals and B) take a lot of the stress off. We are so excited to be offering a Southern California mini-vacation. 3 days/2 nights hotel in Anaheim or San Diego and 2 adult 1-day theme park tickets (winner's choice). You must be +18.  This giveaway is sponsored by FunCheaporFree and Get Away Today. 

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Birthday Giveaways of all my favorite things! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! From

This is just one way I wanted to say “thank you” to all of you, for being in my life and supporting me! I started this whole journey way back in 2011 as a whim and it's been an incredible experience and gift. So giving back to you just seemed natural. Thank you again for being a part of this community!

Good luck!! Now let's all go eat some cake…




  1. My frugal birthday tip is to take advantage of freebies! If you book a trip or outing, make sure they know it’s your birthday, you never know what you’ll get!

  2. Happy birthday, Jordan! Frugal birthday tip: Tacos are an easy (and cheap) way to feed a big crowd, and they’re a crowd pleaser, too! It’s definitely our go-to meal for birthday parties.

  3. For frugal birthday ideas I love reusing decorations & making my own. It saves just a little but that adds up. Also making own cake & treats! And we even make our own fancy dinner at home!

  4. My frugal birthday tip is I usually make my kids a cake and buy the fun toy/character they’re into, and top the cake with it instead of ordering the more expensive bakery cakes.

  5. Happy birthday Jordan!! You are so generous giving back to all of us :). My favorite frugal birthday tip is to make as much food at home, including the cake and get plates and decor at the Dollar Tree.

  6. I love spending my birthday with my family and we’ve gotten in the habit of making gifts rather than spending on gifts. Each year we’ve gotten more creative!

  7. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to hit up all of the local restaurants that have giveaways. There are still a ton of places that offer a free scoop of ice cream or coupon off a purchase!

  8. My favorite birthday tradition is letting the kids be “king or queen” for the day. They get to skip chores, choose the menu and make activity choices. It doesn’t cost a lot (going to feed them anyway) and makes them feel special.

  9. Yessssss!!! My best advice for frugal birthdays is spoil the kids in other ways besides buying gifts. Let then stay up later then their siblings, let them pick the meals for that day, let them choose what games to play, books to read ect!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day. I love cents of style. Their clothing is so cute and fun!

  11. My favorite birthday tip is sign up for as many birthday clubs/lists as possible so you have some selections for going out to eat in your birthday month!

  12. Most of the time my kids favorite birthday parties have been the simplest. Don’t try to do too much and that will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

  13. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to sign up for restaurant emails before my birthday to get free appetizers and desserts during my birthday month!

  14. Happy birthday!!! Besides my birthday, your birthday is my favorite (because you are so generous!).
    My favorite birthday furgal tip is to sign up for birthday freebies from your favorite stores and restaurants! I eat so well my birthday month!

  15. For kids’ birthday gifts, we stock up on clearance gifts in a bin, and they pick what to give to their friends.

  16. There are so many places that offer freebies or discounts on your birthday. We always check out our options and pick our favorites!

  17. Buy gifts based on how meaningful it would be to the person receiving it, not based on how expensive it is.

  18. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are my favorite! For my kids we always let them choose a special dinner. I think it helps to make them feel a little more special on their day. 😊

  19. ♥️ For birthdays, I look for good deals/clearance items all year round and keep them on a special shelf in our storage room. When a birthday comes up, we look there first to see if the recipient would love something we already got for a great deal. I learned that tip from you a long time ago!

  20. Making a list for presents. Often times I forget about presents I bought way earlier on a deal. I also forget thing my kids bring up at random times that they would like. This leads to either never giving the present I bought earlier or impulse buys at the last minute because I can’t remember what they wanted. That is why I always try to keep a list.

  21. I love being with my family on my birthday….no gifts necessary….a meal together and lots of 💘 love

  22. Hi Jordan , Many more happy returns of this day . I am a silent watcher of your group . I am really impressed by you, by watching your videos and Facebook stories which motivates me . Though I am from different country and culture which didn’t relate me in most of the situation but one thing I learnt from you is how to be happy always and smart . “Kids are not burden but blessings of our life “ I understood this line by watching your videos . Keep rocking, post more fb stories, missing it now a days .

  23. My fav frugal birthday tip is to focus on the relationships. I shall get a picnic form mg birthday with my immediate family. I don’t need an expensive experience. We pack a nice meal, and head somewhere pretty and just spend time together!

  24. Making our own cakes and then topping them with {cleaned} toys from our house or buying a new toy and putting it on the cake and then they get to play with it later. Also, we just discovered how awesome it is to make our own pinatas!
    Stacie Cheney recently posted…Practice CampingMy Profile

  25. It’s not really a budgeting tip for birthdays and It might sound harsh, but If the birthday person is a true friend and knows your budget and lifestyle they will be more than happy with a heartfelt card or a special hand made trinket that you put your heart and soul in to make for them.
    For my daughters birthday I usually just pick one big thing that I know she will like from what she has shown interest in recently.

  26. making a stay at home dinner is one of my frugal birthday tips! Yes it is a special occasion, but eating out isn’t always an option when you’re on a budget! However, birthdays are things that come every year, so if you really want to go out to an expensive restaurant, start budgeting for it ahead of time 👍🏻

  27. This is awesome! My birthday is today actually!! I’m turning 35 and it would absolutely make my week to win something! Happy Birthday to you too Jordan!!

  28. My favorite frugal bday tip is to set a budget and buy a couple wants and a couple needs and call it good! It’s always stressful when you feel like you have to buy a million things! Doing this keeps it simple 🙂

  29. Pinterest can be your friend when trying to throw a party on a budget. Set a budget and stick to it as you consider ideas.

  30. Go check out all the freebies in your area! Most places give a discount or free item for your birthday. That’s a great way to celebrate without breaking the bank.

  31. I like to bake my own cakes. I’ll have the kids help, which they love, and I get to save money at the same time.

  32. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to make a homemade birthday cake. Buying them from the store might be easier, but they cost so much more!

  33. Now that I’m in a small town my biggest hack is buying gifts(sometimes a couple of the same one) when I find them on sale so that come birthday party times I’m not spending tons or frantically trying to find something online that will be delivered in time.

  34. Hope this is where I’m supposed to leave a comment for the contest! My favorite frugal birthday tip is to try new restaurants or experiences using Groupon!

  35. My favorite birthday frugal tip is to look for things that are free on my birthday and get them! You can find a lot of places giving away free stuff on your birthday

  36. Throw dinner in the crockpot the morning of your birthdsy, then go out for just dessert instead of a whole dinner. This way you still get to go out, but at a fraction of the cost!

  37. We do birthday parties for the kids every 4 years, their 8, 12, and 16th. We will go all out for these parties, but it’s not a yearly expense.

    • That’s a great idea! I never had every-year parties for my kids because I wanted the party to feel “special” and not just an annual expectation. I didn’t preplan which years got parties but that is a really great idea!

    • My family always makes/decorates the cake. It’s fun for the kid to think for weeks ahead of time to figure out what they want and then mom to figure out how to do it. Great for creatives like my mom and myself.

  38. Frugal Bday Tips that I’ve used in the past:

    Made your own bday cards! Sometimes they can cost $3-5!! A handmade one with some scrapbook paper and some twine/ribbon and your own little message is more personal anyways 😉

    Make your own cake! Just use the boxed stuff 😉 easy & cheaper!

    Check out what restaurants in your area give our freebies! There’s more than you think!

  39. Making cake homemade will definitely save you $$ and plus, it can be a great family bonding activity!

  40. We only do birthday parties for the kids every 4 years. We throw them a party on their 8th, 12th and 16th birthdays. We will make these bigger parties and really go all out, but it’s not a yearly expense for each child. You can empathize, having five kids and giving each one a birthday party each year is a huge expense for us.

  41. Yes! Happy birthday! My frugal birthday tip is to not buy things just to buy things since it’s a birthday. Think about what will last and be worth it!

  42. Best ‘Page’ ever. I have seriously learned so much in the last year from this page. More to learn still, but I LOVE IT. BGE

  43. This year for my birthday, we’re doing the Night Lights sky lantern event. We were going to do Groupon, but then the actual event page had a sale that was even cheaper than Groupon! So sometimes it pays to hold out to see what kind of deals come along. Now I get to love out my Tangled dream!

  44. I like to bake my own cakes -from scratch if time allows. I also keep an eye out for sales throughout the year on things my kids or husband might like. On Black Friday I found a stroller and playpen baby doll set for $20. We gave the stroller to her for her birthday a week later and I’m saving then doll playpen for her birthday this year. My husband doesn’t love storing stuff for very long but he will be very happy come November when we already have a “big” present and don’t have to spend anything!

  45. Shop sales throughout the year and keep a stockpile of birthday gifts you can use for birthday parties!

  46. Check out where near you gives you deals or free stuff on your birthday. My husband and I once went around and got as many free things as we could and had so much fun!

  47. If we have leftover birthday cake we blend it up in the mixer and make cake balls. Store them in the freezer. Great for a quick little sweet bite. I think k I may have learned that trick from you!!

  48. My favorite frugal birthday tip is instead of going out to dinner we make the birthday person their favorite meal! We all work together and honestly have way more fun!

  49. I sign up for lots of loyalty clubs so I get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for free on my birthday!

  50. I sign up for all the birthday freebies like free sandwich at firehouse subs, jersey mikes, free ice cream scoop at Baskin Robbins, free birthday gifts at Ulta, Sephora, and Bare Minerals.

  51. Check out local restaurants that have a BOGO offer for birthdays. I know of some that will give you a free meal with the purchase of another adult meal. Great for saving money on a date night!

  52. I always enjoy cooking a meal at home along with a birthday cake. We also choose a movie to watch as a family! Very low cost, but a great way to spend the day.

  53. I just make friends with the right people and have them throw me party 🤷🏻‍♀️ Costs me absolutely nothing 😜

  54. I like to buy restaurant gift cards from Sams. Then we order take out from a nice restaurant. Saves money on drinks and kids meals (my kids are toddlers so they don’t know the difference yet). My husband and I get a nice meal where we can hear each other and it isn’t stressful because the kids are in their environment. We also done this when we have others dining with us too and they have enjoyed not waiting for a table.

  55. I love signing up for free birthday deals, then we do a bit of celebrating all month- lots of places do 50% off meals or discounted products, you just have to sign up for their email lists!

  56. I have been trying to buy gifts throughout the year that are on sale that are perfect for different friends or family members. That way it’s on hand and I don’t have to rush and buy something that may be full price at the last minute!

  57. Just started following you on Youtube, checked out the Blog today for the first time. I’m super excited to try out your tips, got my block schedule ready!

  58. Simply intentionally spending time with some on their special day is a great way to make them feel loved without spending any money!

  59. Something as simple as making a cake instead of buying one or making their favorite dinner for birthday instead of going out can really save a lot of money

  60. I stock up on gifts throughout the year! I keep a list on my phone and mark it off when I find something, as well as the price (in case I find a better deal).

  61. I have a birthday kit of inexpensive reusable decorations that I pull out when one the kids has a birthday 🙂 also a lot dollar stores have helium balloons for $1! So much cheaper than the party store !

  62. I love your blog and have recently become HOOKED on Cents of Style! SO many great deals and super versatile items!

  63. My daughter (who is 16) started making my bday cakes a few years ago and she just does a beautiful job. They mean so much more than any store bought cake could and they taste way better! Last year she made a peanut butter cake filled with Nutella and decorated it to look like a llama since they are my fave 💙

  64. I like to hang make as much decor and stuff as possible or recycle things from previous parties.

  65. Always check your e-mail during your birthday month! There are always restaurant freebies and places like Ulta offering free products!

  66. My birthday is this month as well! My favorite frugal birthday tip is to sign up for any and all newsletters/birthday clubs/etc of things that you would want so you can get free or discounted stuff for your birthday! If you are a member of the IKEA family program (which is free to join!), they will send you a coupon for a free meal AND a $15 off your purchase (and there is no minimum amount you have have to buy)!

  67. So I have 4 birthdays within 3 weeks so this last January I made a huge cake and just froze it for the other birthdays 😬 They were for the little kids so they didn’t even know the difference- just put candles on their own piece to blow out!

  68. I usually ask my loved ones to cook my favorite meal instead of taking me out for dinner.

    Saves everyone money and affords good quality time, a meal you’ll love and the comfort of staying in and celebrating at home 🙂

  69. As someone who’s not a big cake person, I always go with just ice cream! Reusing candles that are still okay and placing them in the ice cream is the best! 😋

  70. I love getting free stuff on my birthday!
    Red Robin, Baskin Robbins, etc. They sometimes give you the whole month to get your free item, so you don’t get a bunch of junk at once!

  71. I love checking my emails and finding discounts and freebies for the different restaurants and stores I’m subscribed to. Our movie theater in town also gives you a free movie ticket on the week of your birthday!

  72. My best frugal birthday tip is to to give acts of service! For our kiddos we plan to do gifts of experience – i.e. a trip around their birthday where they get to choose an activity (vacation and bday in one!), free activities like a hike of their choice.
    Also just make the whole day fun!! Breakfast in bed – jam to some music together, make cookies for after dinner, etc.

  73. I always save money by making our own cakes. When the kids started wanting neat 3D cakes, I figured out the best way to get it made. They may not have been bakery perfect but the kids loved them even more because “mama made that?!”

  74. Using streamers to decorate is inexpensive and the kids think it is fun and exciting and it makes them feel special. I also make my cakes, they may not always be pretty but my kids love picking the cake and frosting.

  75. I love learning about what places offer free things for your birthday. Even my local gas station has free donuts (Dunford…the best) on your birthday!

  76. Happy Birthday Jordan!

    My favorite birthday frugal tip is to make a plan for the day so you can take advantage of the birthday freebies in your area. I will usually try to nap out a breakfast, lunch, and dinner freebie for the day; not always do I get all three but I may get a free sub for lunch and a BOGO deal for a Hibachi dinner for example. YUM!

  77. we always set aside money all year for birthdays or special holidays so it doesn’t feel like a financial burden!

  78. I always make cake, pie, birthday treats—cheaper and always special!! Learned to make many cut-out cakes over the years!!

  79. I have a list on my phone of gifts my kids say that they want all through the year. As I find things on sale, I’ll buy them if they are in the budget. Happy Birthday, Jordan!

  80. I have a spa day at home with hair and face masks, a long bath, and we homemake our favorite dessert for the day of. Then the first weekend after a birthday we have a family birthday lunch and go see a movie.

  81. I like to make special meals that the birthday person chooses! It’s cheaper than going out to eat and it’s fun because it’s something they can look forward to!

  82. I love going to get all the free things, like ulta, sephora, the Sweet Tooth Fairy, and so many more!

  83. Make your favorite meal instead of going out. Forget calories for the day instead of money! Haha!

  84. My husband and I always make each other birthday cake from scratch which is cheaper than buying a cake and we usually have all the ingredients on hand!

  85. I do themed birthday parties for my kids and I save EVERYTHING I can in a bin in my storage room. Then I talk my younger kids into the same themes that the older kids did (they’re pretty regular kid friendly stuff like Legos, dinosaurs, princess, donuts party) and I already have everything from before and just fill in a little bit. It saves me time and money from year to year!

  86. My fav frugal birthday tip/hack we always use is saving bags! We always save our birthday bags and just keep reusing them. Works great!

  87. It my birthday month too!! My husband and I are actually both March birthdays so we “give each other” our thanksgiving point pass… the gift that keeps on giving!! It’s something we’ll buy anyway.

  88. Reuse bags or Dollar Tree bags, handmade cards are the best, toy closet bought on sale, experience gifts rather then items.

  89. For your birthday—ask for gift cards and cash and use them for a fun guilt free night of birthday dinner/shopping.

  90. Sign up for reward memberships all year! They usually give you something (like Starbucks gives you a free drink!) for your birthday 🎂

  91. For first birthday gifts, a great and unique idea is to give a set of coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, 1/2 dollar) in a display holder (hobby lobby) that they can have as a keepsake. I also like to do a small wallet with a $2 bill in it for 2nd bithdays!

  92. Buy or make a special birthday plate (sparkly, shiny, painted fun, star shaped, etc.) that they can use all day either as a plate or a charger. Makes them feel extra special and you only ever have to buy one!

  93. We don’t do friends birthdays except for a select few (like turning 8) and the rest we just have family and stay home or just go to lunch/ dinner.

  94. For our kids Birthdays, instead of gifts we let them pick out a special dinner and then get a special cake… Like an Ice cream. It’s the way I grew up and wanted to carry on the tradition. . MY kids dont talk about getting gifts they get excited about what they get to choose for their dinner instead 🙂 Saves money and makes memories!

  95. Birthday tip- all the freebies! Sign up for all those restaurant clubs and apps! Most give you free stuff on your birthday! Even Starbucks!!!!

  96. Happy birthday! We like to use leftover candy from Halloween and do our own Cold Stone mix in for our ice cream.

  97. Favorite Bday frugal tip is making the kids cake or cupcakes. Yes, there are beautiful, fun cakes but the kids just dig right in and do they really remember? You can always buy cheap toppers and it’s easy!

  98. Birthdays can be so hard to be frugal! A few things we have done is to get our kids just one gift and then do an activity together. Memories last longer than you’d.

  99. I love my hubbys cooking. So when he makes my favorite homemade meal. And I love to make my kiddos birthday cakes. They love to help me!

  100. For frugal birthdays for our kids we just do one present for their big day. By the time they get recognized at school and by grandparents they have enough excitement and we don’t need a zillion new things!

  101. My birthday was this last week! I found some great birthday deals and was able to score some free stuff through Kiehls, Tarte, Sephora, etc!

  102. I like to bake my own cakes, and use the HappyBirthday coupons I receive for free or heavily discounted meals, deserts, activite, etc.

  103. This last year my 4 year old got so many presents from her little friend party, so I saved some of the gifts I bought her and gave them at Christmas!

  104. Family tradition – we bake a cake together and hubby and kids decorate as a surprise. It’s super fun, super cheap! And the kids love surprising mom!

  105. My favorite frugal birthday tip is Groupon. We use Groupon alot, but you get free coupons to do awesome things on your birthday in your area or the surrounding area!!!! Love Free!

  106. Yayyy! Happy birthday! Frugal birthday tip – buy gifts EARLY! So that way you aren’t scrambling to find “the perfect” one and end up spending a ton of money.

  107. I don’t do anything on my birthday that I do not get at a discounted price or for FREE!
    Many places in my surrounding area will offer free items/services for your birthday! Last year I got my morning coffee, a pancake breakfast, makeup items, lunch, and a cupcake from a local bakery ALL FOR FREE! Pair this with a homemade cake (I love to bake anyway) and a ‘valid for one free back rub’ coupon gifted by my husband and I had a great time, for free!

  108. I sign up for all the birthday freebees at restruants, and we make homeade sweet treats. When it comes to gifts for others I shop throughout the year, clearance items that I find after christmas or randomly through the year, new items that I find at goodwill, that I use for “filler” and then one item that is something might cost a little more or is more special like an outing.

  109. My friend made this suggestion and I can’t wait to implement it in our house. Their kids get to do a friend’s birthday party on the even years. Odd years it’s just family. It places importance on building family relationships and saves money on the big parties. This is also a great compromise between my husband and I who don’t agree on how birthdays should go. He grew up with big friends parties every year and I celebrated only with family. Of course we both prefer what we know, so i’m excited to see how this new process works out!

  110. Yay! Love giveaways. I love signing up for free birthday away from restaurants and shops via email subscriptions.

  111. I love that you’re doing this! My favorite thing to do for b-days to save money is have a birthday bucket where it’s filled with favorite things that don’t break the bank!

  112. My favorite frugal tip for birthdays is to not do a big party every year, instead we like to do a fun day where we do all the favorite activities of the birthday kid.

  113. Happy Birthday Jordan!! My best frugal birthday tip is to always keep decorations. I bought a nice birthday banner from a friend and use it for all birthdays and a big bag of balloons that will take forever to go through and streamers we just keep using and using!

  114. My favorite frugal birthday hack is to make a sweet from SCRATCH, or stock up on cake mixes whenever they are really cheap so I’m all ready to go! For gifts I stock up on about $2-$4 gift packages from Walmart when the holidays are over and take advantage of the sales. Then I can go check my stash of kids toys, bath products, brush sets, etc and I’m all ready to go! I just take those things out of my “extra” budget the literal week I purchased them!

  115. My way to stay frugal for bday is to limit each child to specific amount. They can use that amount for a party or for gifts for themselves or both if it is under the total.

  116. I keep a running list of things my family wants (“wish lists”), so when they are an amazing deal I can stock up. Then I’m getting what they actually want, and not just junk

  117. My parents always give my husband and I restaurant gift cards for Christmas. Instead of blowing them on a random night, we will save them and use them for our bday dinners! Free birthday dinners? Heck yes!!

  118. I love to get all the freebies restaurants and stores give me and share them with my family!

  119. My fave frugal birthday tip is FOR SURE the birthday club at Tucanos! Those meals are so fun and so expensive! We look forward to our birthday meals all year!

  120. Don’t celebrate them. Ha sort of kidding. My kids are 7/5 and we have yet to have a birthday party. Rather we keep it small family gathering or a day about them. I’m all about experiences vs gifts.

  121. I make sure to make my own cakes instead of buying them. I also make sure to use gift cards we already have when we go out for birthdays or we go do an activity to fun places that we already have a membership to.

  122. So my tip is for attending other people’s parties. I have started a stock of “gifts” that have been on sale. When we get invited to a birthday party then I pick out a gift from that stock pile. Saves me money and a trip to the store!!

  123. I like to keep A toy bucket of gifts and toys that I have bought on sale. When my kids get invited to a birthday party, they go pick a gift from the bucket to give to their friend. It eases some of the stress of getting ready for a birthday party and for getting a present at the last minute

  124. Letting others know you would like to celebrate a birthday with a fun outing or experience can help avoid just getting more stuff if you’re interested in a more minimalist kind of lifestyle. Taking lots of pictures will help the memories last, too! Also, I think that there are some really cute present boxes and inexpensive cards that can be purchased at the Dollar Store if you still want to go the traditional route.

  125. For my daughter’s birthdays, we like to always make a cake and take pictures. We may take her somewhere she chooses, like the park, or a museum, instead of having a big party. It’s worked great for us so far!

  126. I buy clearance gifts throughout the year and stash them away until birthdays come around. Best thing is, I usually forget what I’ve bought so when I pull them out I get surprised too! 😆

  127. My fave frugal birthday top is balloons! A huge bunch of late childhood balloons in bright colors makes a giant impact and will keep the special person smiling all day long for a teeny amount of cash.

  128. We bought a birthday party package for my daughter at a local trampoline park on Groupon and used Ebates on top of that. She had EXACTLY the party she wanted with a huge savings!

  129. Birthday coupons from restaurants you have signed up with. Kendra Scott jewelry is a good one! So fun!!! Looking forward to it all week long!

  130. My favorite frugal birthday trip is a staycation! Finding a relatively cheap hotel in my city and going to a nice dinner for one night. No costs for traveling far, staying for more than one night, and inspires me to delve into as many guilty pleasures as possible in one night 🙂

  131. We get the kiddos to bake and decorate for one another! Saves money and they love seeing how their brother and sister decorated them!

  132. My frugal birthday tip for kids would be to host a free activity. For example my son’s birthday in January we had a sledding party where we took the kids to a nearby hill for sledding and then came back for cake.

  133. It’s my Birthday Day month too 39! Both my girls have the same birth month so we combin them and do one super fun family thing instead of a party. I think when they get older they might want separate parties but for now it works 😊

  134. I watch for things to go on a great sale and buy them to stick in a special high drawer that my kids can’t reach for future occasions. Sometimes we save these for our own kids’ birthdays and sometimes we just keep a stash for friend/family birthday parties. Another thing we don’t do is have birthday parties with friends every year. When we do, it counts as their big present, which they don’t mind because they get a lot of different presents from friends.

  135. We take the birthday person out to pick a birthday doughnut! It’s cheaper than a cake and honestly who can say no to a doughnut?! Especially a birthday doughnut?!

  136. Frugal bday idea…I purchased an “I’m special” plate in the target dollar section and use that only for bdays…the kids love it and it was a super cheap plate that has become a fun tradition!

  137. My favorite frugal b-day tip? My hubby would say don’t celebrate it. 🙂 I don’t throw b-day parties every year for my kids – just age 8, 12, and 16. That’s probably saved me a bundle of money AND stress!

  138. Baking our own cakes/cupcakes whatever the birthday person wants is so fun! Especially when getting kids involved in the activities.

  139. My Mom has always made our birthday cakes. I’ve started this tradition now and love it!! So much cheaper then buying a cake at the bakery!

  140. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to make the cake at home and do a small party at home. My grandma who has 7 kids, 25 grands, and 8 great grands does one big birthday party/FHE a month where every person with a birthday gets their own cake and we knock out 5-8 birthdays in one night!

  141. LOVE this idea. Frugal birthdays are so important because there are usually lots of people’s birthdays to think about. We often forget ourselves. Maybe trade off every year with a “bigger” or more expensive celebration with your spouse. Then on your off-year so something low-key.

  142. Make sure to look around your area to see what free or discounted perks you can get for your bday!

  143. My most frugal birthday tip is to reuse supplies from past parties! I make it my goal to try and make the things I purchase, things that I can reuse for future birthday parties!

  144. Fav frugal birthday tip- my birthday is also New Year’s Eve, so we always celebrate them together. Or rather, everyone always celebrates with me!

  145. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to use leftover birthday supplies you may already have. My oldest had his 2nd birthday in John Deere, now almost 5 years later, my baby is having his party in John Deere.

  146. Get a list of all the places that offer freebies for your birthday and make an adventure out of getting as many as possible

  147. Saving the gift cards, money, etc from family, friends coworkers as my spontaneous play money for the rest of the year.

  148. We love Costco cake for feedings crowd!! It’s like 50 servings for $19. My favorite is white cake with their vanilla cheesecake filling, but with chocolate frosting!

  149. Do kids birthday parties somewhere free! If you don’t want to use your house, go to a park or a splash pad.

  150. I love everything about you and your family. I’m working on paying off debt in order to get a house. So needless to say clothes have been on the back burner for me.

  151. How exciting! Thank you for always giving back. You have the cutest family and they are SO lucky to have you ❤️

  152. Bake birthday cakes yourself. If having a theme, buy one pack of themed napkins and alternate them with solid colored napkins and use solid colored plates, cups, etc. Use a themed tablecloth as a backdrop instead of on a table where it gets lost with things on top of it. Your theme will still come through without buying many of the expensive themed items.

  153. I love signing up for birthday freebies with restaurants and stores to get free food and items on my birthday.

  154. Happy Birthday Jordan. We like to do bdays at home. We make whatever meal the birthday boy/girl wants and celebrate with family.

  155. I really love to make cakes, so I make our birthday cakes and try to keep the celebration simple! Nothing wrong with staying home!

  156. In our family, we allow our kids to invite as many kids as the age they’re turning, until they turn 10. (So, if you’re turning 7, you can invite 7 friends, etc.) After age 10, the number they can invite stays at 10 so it doesn’t get too expensive or crazy, haha! Extended family members don’t count towards the limited number of invites, though! (;

  157. Over the years I’ve signed up for birthday freebies from various restaurants but never remember to use them. One year we were strapped financially and my birthday is right before Christmas so i was feeling discouraged. I did a search in my email for “birthday”, pulled up all my coupons/free treats and spent the day at various restaurants getting my free goodies (Jersey Mike’s gives you a whole sandwich and drink free!). Best birthday ever so I do that every year.

  158. We always take advantage of tucanos 2 for 1! We love it! It’s the only two months we go to tucanos all year! Haha

  159. I let my husband and kids take me out for supper on my birthday. I order the free birthday dessert and extra forks. We all share the dessert instead of having a cake.

  160. I dont think bbn I’ve ever celebrated my birthday as an adult. 🤷‍♀️ just hasn’t been on our budget

  161. My favorite tip for a birthday is to choose ONE important thing. It’s easy to want to do EVERYTHING (for you or your child) but that gets stressful on your bank account AND emotions. Dont put that much pressure on yourself.

  162. I love to hit up places that offer deals for your birthday, or even birth month. Sometimes they adye free ice cream, or buy one entree get one free. I love spending my birthday in the sunshine reading a good book.

  163. I make all our birthday cakes (not just a sheet cake either), all my decorations out of whatever we have, and I’m not shy to ask to borrow items for games either to keep our cost down.
    *Favorite frugal birthday tip

  164. I always google birthday freebies and go treat myself to those! Everything from a free ice cream cone to free makeup at Sephora haha, can’t beat that!

  165. I always sign up for birthday freebies from my favorite stores and restaurants! I get anywhere from free gifts, to free meals, to special discounts at my favorite stores!

  166. I would love to win! Love everything you do! I always Make sure I’m signed up for all the birthday freebies a month before so I’m sure to get all the email offers. Usually you need to be signed up early, no longer can you just go places on your bday and get stuff☹️

  167. I love going to all the restaurants that give you a discount for your birthday! Sometimes you need to sign up though the month or so before your birthday because the coupon is good usually all your birthday month long! It really helps not feeling guilty for treating yourself and your loved ones during your birthday time.

  168. I love to make my own cake! So much cheaper, and I get to design it however my cute kiddos want. Also, I buy decorations at the dollar store and don’t ever go all out. Usually just a tablecloth and some streamers and a balloon.

  169. Family party, the kids enjoy their birthday just as much with their family and I don’t have the stress and expense of all the extra kids.

  170. My husband and mine’s birthdays are a day apart, so unintentionally our birthdays are always frugal because we only celebrate once 😉 one nice meal, one shared cake, etc… but if I had to give a tip that’s planned for, it would be to try cooking a meal at home. Most people go out for dinner, but you can have just as nice of a meal at home with home cooked ingredients!

  171. Frugal birthday tip: Make your own cake! Cakes can be sooo expensive especially if you want something particular! It’s fun to make your own and you can have your family help!

  172. Sign up to receive email coupons for bday dinner at your favourite restaurant! Many local and chain restaurants do this, my favourite local restaurant gives 50% off on your bday with the purchase of 2 entrees and many chain restaurants give a free meal.

  173. My favorite frugal birthday hack is to create a separate email address and sign up for as many birthday clubs as you can. This way they are all in one place and you won’t have to be annoyed by them throughout the year. Just check the email around your birthday month and you’ll get tons of free stuff

  174. Make decorations with what you have at home. We all have paper, markers, ribbons, lots of useful stuff.

  175. I have loved following your blog and instagram over the past few years. I am young and still in college but this has helped me to start instilling good financing practices at my young age that I can take and use in my future family. Love your enthusiasm and energy that you have all the time!

  176. Birthdays are special. We set budgets for the gifts and I cook hearty meals so that we can enjoy at home😋😋😄😄

  177. Homemade birthday cake! It’s so much better than store bought cake with chemical tasting frosting.

  178. My tip is to take advantage of all of those free coupons you are sent just for signing up to be a member for places. For instance, a free meal at IKEA during your birthday month when you are a member. You don’t even have to buy anything. Go with your husband, get some good decorating ideas and have lunch! Free date 🙂 they even provide child care for potty trained kiddos!

  179. My favorite frugal birthday tip is doughnuts instead of fancy cupcakes. We did it for my kiddos birthday last year and it was the biggest hit.

  180. Crepe paper is an inexpensive way to decorate. It comes in so many colors, you can buy it at the dollar store, and it will make any room seem like a party!

  181. I love freebies! I check with friends on Facebook to see what freebies they know about and google it as well. I make a list to plan out my birthday so I get all the freebies I can possibly get! Free is the best, especially on your birthday!

  182. Definitely check the restaurants where you get free stuff. Also mailers from them often have free stuff on your bday

  183. It’s already been said a bunch, but I bake my own cake or cupcakes! I also plan ‘friend’ parties in between meals so I don’t have to feed an army! Or if it’s a ‘family’ party, we do a potluck!

  184. My favorite tip is making our own ice cream cake. Mainly cause I’m not super into baking haha.
    Bonus- get the kids involved and no issues with licking the spoon! 🍦🎂

  185. My birthday is 2 days before my anniversary so my husband and I usually combine the two so we spend less money and celebrate the two at the same time.

  186. Frugal bday tip: I think good food trumps decor (although decor is fun!) If you can homemake the meal, and settle for a few balloons, you’ve got a cheaper party 🙂 (and re-using decorations!)

  187. Such a great giveaway! Your YouTube channels have been so helpful to my husband and I and I’ve shared with many friends as well:)

  188. A frugal Birthday tip that I have heard but need to be better at is buying gifts throughout the year when you see a good deal or just see something the birthday person would like. Get it and save it instead of scrambling to find a gift when a birthday comes around.

  189. My favorite frugal birthday tip is sign up for all the Birthday freebies and make your own cake! Fairly certain you told me that 😂

  190. Yay for giveaways! 🙂 I love that Red Robin gives you a free burger on your birthday if you sign up for their emails!

  191. I love signing up for birthday freebies at local restaurants! It’s so fun to get special treats for free on your special day!

  192. I’ve been making the birthday dessert for years! Only occasionally will I purchase something. I love going to places to eat with the birthday discount.

  193. Favorite birthday tip: register for free birthday things from stores and restaurants so you can collect them for your birthday!

  194. Travelzoo and Groupon often have great discounts for spa services. This last year, me and all my girlfriends went to a local spa and enjoyed lunch with a solid discount, it was SO fun!

  195. I think my frugal tips are stocking up and having a gift closet so I don’t have to pay full price, getting bday supplies at the dollar store, and making my own cake and decorations.

  196. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to take advantage of the freebies from different places rewards! Lots of coffee shops and restaurants will give you a freebie. My local grocery store even gave me a free donut on my birthday!

  197. Honestly best tip was baking my own cake/cupcakes. Even homemade cards work out great. One year I actually just painted a picture for everyone’s gifts.

  198. Do Birthday cake in bed for your kiddos! It’s what my kids look forward to most on their birthday. Who doesn’t love cake for breakfast?

  199. One of the traditions that we’ve acquired as a family to save on birthdays is to just have a birthday celebration at home with no presents. We typically still exchange cards but we just put more thought into a nice dinner and dessert that the birthday person will love rather than spending money on dinner out and gifts 😊

  200. Happy birthday! We always take advantage of the free birthday meals around town- only thing better than a rack of ribs is a FREE rack of ribs!

  201. My favorite frugal tip for birthdays is to look up ideas on Fun Cheap or Free!! I also look up coupons in my area for ideas.

  202. For my kids, I try to make their favorite dish for dinner and then they help me make and decorate their cake and they love it!

  203. Fav frugal bday is to have my husband cook or use a “free” birthday meal on a rewards program….and have a good friend watch my children!!!!!

  204. I like to make birthday cakes, or cupcakes rather than buy them. I’ve even made ice cream cakes. I think eVerne likes it better, like a homemade gift!

  205. Best frugal tip- keep it simple. As a kid we never had elaborate birthday parties, and we were just fine. Pizza and a movie with friends, camping in the backyard, tubing on the river, it wasn’t ever about big elaborate decorations and themes, just being with the people we love most!

  206. We have four kids so we decided to have special birthday years that get a big celebration: 1, 10 and 16/18. The other years we just have dinner with family. We are saving tons of money each year by not throwing a huge party for every birthday that rolls around and the kids really look forward to their big 10!

  207. Let people spoil you! If a friend or family member offers to take you out, accept! Then you’ll have the memory too.

  208. like everyone has already said… find the places that give you free or discount for your birthday!

  209. I’m not the best at baking cakes so I will buy a plain cake from Walmart & then decorate it myself! They have so many already made cheap cakes that are easy to decorate & they taste much better than what I could make.

  210. I love birthdays there so exciting. I love making sure I sign up for all the local places and get tons of free stuff. I went to 23 places on my bday last month and got free food, drinks, and makeup. I loved every minute.

  211. We signed up for birthday rewards at one of our favorite restaurants. Now we get a free entree on both my husband’s and my birthday ( which is the same day as yours! 🥳).

  212. My favorite frugal birthday tip is instead of gifts, I ask for my husband to make my favorite meals. So he takes the day off and we have a nice day is delicious food. And since I’m a summer baby and we live close to the beach we will pack a lunch and go relax by the ocean.

  213. My husband and I make sure to sign up for any freebie birthday emails with our local restaurants. We can usually get a cheap dinner and a treat to somewhere fun! 🙂

  214. I sign up for email lists and often get discount codes or free product offers during my birthday month in my email.

  215. I avoid buying “character” paper goods (plates, cups, etc) and decorations and just stick to colors. That way I can reuse the leftover black and red plates from my sons Ninjago birthday party for a Valentine’s party with my girl friends, for example.

  216. It’s my Birthday month, in my emails I have already received a bunch of free offers from stores I shop at! Also I prefer home made cards from my kids. They are so sweet, and so much more affordable! 🤗❤

  217. My favorite tip is to use decorations from the dollar store! Especially the plastic tablecloths- makes it festive and then clean up is easy peasy.

  218. I find lots of places give free things on birthday just ask. My favorite is cold stone free ice cream!!!!

  219. Make a budget ahead of time! We have it all planned out at the beginning of the year and save money out of our paycheck each month for gifts. Don’t go to the store with no budget, it’s dangerous!!

  220. My favorite thing to do for my birthday is to have signed up for all the junk food and makeup freebies! I don’t go often to either, so that’s the day to indulge. Happy birthday!

  221. My favorite is to sign up for birthday freebies-not just for restaurants, but for clothing/makeup stores too!

  222. I love looking up birthday freebies and creating my own adventure going to get things like free coffee, lunch, using a discount to buy a little special something. Also, I totally get “cheap” birthday decorations. Crepe paper streamers, balloon chains, whatever I find in the dollar section. It’s still fun without crazy costs.

  223. My favorite drugged birthday tip is buy ahead! I have a gift cupboard where I keep Birthday gifts, paper plates and other party decorations. Anytime I find something good on clearance that I know I will use, I grab it! Then when a birthday is close I go check out what I have before going to the store.

  224. Anytime I buy someone a present online I look for a promo code. It is so easy to do a google search and I can always either save on shipping or save a discount!

  225. Find clearance birthday supplies ( or Dollar tree). I also like to look at zondeals or rebate key for any birthday items I might need.
    I’m very fortunate to have a mother in law , sister and sister in law that are amazing cake decorators and bakers!!

  226. Finding outdoor things to do is always a fun and frugal option…the best gifts are making memories!

  227. A frugal hack I like is making the party cake instead of buying it. I never liked cake growing up so my mom would always make homemade cinnamon rolls! 😋

  228. We have a gift box downstairs of things to give to cousins and friends that we found for killer deals. It makes birthdays cheaper and less stressful:)

  229. HAppiest birthday week beautiful
    Lady! I need all the birthday money saving tips because three of my kids (and me too) have a birthday within 10 days of each other this month. It’s crazy but oh so fun.

  230. We always do ice cream sundaes at the house for my birthday. If we do cake we throw half of it away and it is so expensive to go out to eat ice cream. So we just have an ice cream party at the house!

  231. Frugal Birthday ideas.
    Do family parties instead of a friend one. Bake your own cake instead of purchasing one. This year we are doing experiences instead of gifts and I am really excited to spend some time alone with each of my kids.

  232. My favorite way to be frugal for birthdays is make the cake or cupcakes myself, and make dinner based on birthday person’s request!

  233. The best frugal tip I have for birthday gift giving is to set a budget and stick to it! Whether you want to spend $5 or $500, it’s easy to want to go over the budgeted amount because gift giving is SO much fun! But you have to stay on budget. So set a budget and stick with it

  234. My frugal bday tip is have your party at home! You can still have a fancy dinner and awesome dessert with out spending the money going out.

  235. I love signing up for different loyalty programs because almost all of them will either give you something free (I’ve gotten free coffee, doughnuts and even food) or they will give you a special discount code to use when buying something!

  236. I sign up for the Birthday Clubs of my favorite Stores and Restaurants for discounts or free meals!

  237. We don’t do big parties for the kids. Just close family come over and I make their cake. We also don’t do a lot of decorating. We have a birthday banner we use and the kids get to pick out fun birthday cake plates but that’s about it. I’ve even used their own toys to decorate the cake! Lol

  238. Wait for all the emails that come in- i have a free meal from different restaurants! It’s my b-day today… I just got ALL The emails

  239. My birthday tip is more for other people’s birthdays, but I remind my husband, the dollar store has awesome cards 2 for $1. Notes are my favorite gifts, probably cuz I’m frugal and in savings mode, but can get crazy expensive. I love the dollar store and have found a lot of gems there.

  240. Homemade birthday cake for the win!! We also love to make fun decorations using stuff we already have at home.

  241. My favorite frugal bday tip is DONUTS as a cute and cheap way to do dessert instead is cake/cupcakes! We stack them up and put candles in them. Everyone gets their own… and they’re cheaper than buying a fancy cake or cupcakes at the bakery! 🤗 🍩💓

  242. Definitely sign up for free stuff(especially food and drinks) from different restaurants for your birthday!

  243. Getting the kids to help. Finding places near you that do fun free things for Birthdays. Happy Birthday!

  244. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to buy gifts in advance. Everytime I see something good on clearance, I get it. I keep a bag of birthday gifts ready for parties!

  245. My favorite frugal birthday tip is — let’s face it, my whole life is frugality & I love it — having a potluck with my huge family. Everyone brings something yummy to eat & we just have so much fun!

  246. My frugal birthday tip- this applies to my boys b-day is, I plan menu and activities based on what is on sale. I usually plan early so that I can get decorations and food when they are on sale. I also like the early planning because it helps me compare all my options.

  247. My husband and I have birthdays just days apart. To save money we combine our birthday celebrations into one date night.

  248. Frugal birthday tip? For a couple weeks (even months!) I watch the “about to expire bakery items” section of my local grocery stores. I wait for a cake that I feel I can resonabley turn into what I want. If I like it exactly the way it is, I can have writing added (at no extra charge!) by the bakery. Or (and what usually happens) I’ll take it home and freeze it until the birthday. Then a couple days before the birthday I’ll put it in the fridge. After it’s defrosted gently take off any elements of it that I don’t love (decorations or frosting) if it’s colored frosting not in my color scheme I’ll toss it or use it on another project. If it’s white frosting I’ll color it to be what I want then redecorate the cake. Often the whole cake ends up costing less than $10!

  249. Sign up for emails for restaurants around your area. You can get free dessert or sometimes a free meal!

  250. So many places offer freebies for birthdays! We got a free meal and free indoor go cart racing recently for my hubbys Birthday!

  251. My favorite way to save money is to make my kids’ cakes. Way cheaper and they love that I made it for them!

  252. Reuse printed pictures from birthdays past or favorite pictures of that person for a birthday garland. My kids love looking at the old pictures, even if it’s just from the year before.

  253. My most frugal birthday tip is when buying presents to focus on the value and not the amount you pay. It may have even been you who gave me that idea around Christmas and I have been doing it since then. Definitely saves money because I love to look for great deals:)

  254. I love what you do. Thank you for sharing positive and uplifting things that help our family almost daily. You are awesome, and I hope you have a happy birthday 🎈

  255. I like to use my credit card points on Amazon to buy gifts. Making the birthday cake at home is a tastier and cheaper option too!

  256. Frugal birthday tips- bake my own cake and make home made frosting, have the kids do service for others for my birthday gift, and we do a lot of stuff like make birthday cards with construction paper and just write something nice, play games and spend quality time together, go on a hike- free or cheap quality time stuff. If we do decide to go to a movie, we go to one of the cheaper theatres that cost half as much for tickets as the regular theaters. We want birthdays to be about family and memories, not about stuff.

  257. My favorite frugal birthday tip is baking our own birthday cakes! I have even gone all out and made a super fancy cake (took me all day to make!) but it was delicious and a FRACTION of the cost!

  258. One birthday frugal tip is signing up for free birthday meals. There are so many great ones. My husband and I have birthdays very close, so we have free date nights during our birthday month!

  259. The birthday person gets to choice their dinner for their birthday and help make it instead of going out to eat

  260. Why do i live in The Netherlands? 😭 Hope the other days will be international! 🤗 Also: how fun to give presents in your birthdayweek instead of only receiving! Have a great week! Lots of love, Ashra

  261. I like to bake my own dessert (cake, cookies, whatever) instead of buying from a bakery or grocery store. We also cut corners like not getting store-bought cards or reusing gift bags and wrapping paper. It all adds up over time!

  262. I actually don’t buy presents for my birthday unless we have money saved up for whatever I want. Since I have a summer birthday, I try to do activities that are outside so everyone can participate for free. Its usually hiking or taking the kids to the park. Dinner is always my favorite restaurant though (but I don’t have expensive taste) and then I get a piece of cheesecake. I don’t buy everyone else cause let’s be honest, its MY DAY!

  263. I buy the $10 pre-made bday Walmart cakes and ask them to add character items for me and write on it “happy birthday…”. They don’t charge any extra!!

  264. Find all the freebies!! Another tradition that I think is inexpensive and fun is to buy the child’s favorite cereal on their birthday. Cheap and special!

  265. My dad had 10 brothers and sisters, so for birthday they make an M&M cake for cheap. It is store bought angel food cake alread baked, you mix a container of cool whip with a dash of hershey syrup to make it a bit chocolatey apply to cake, then you literally throw M&Ms at the cake so they stick. Super cheap, fun to make with kiddos, and always a hit!

  266. I make use of all the birthday freebies companies offer. Nothing says happy birthday better than free food!

  267. My favorite frugal birthday tip for kids is to go somewhere memorable with them instead of doing a big friend party that will without a doubt go over budget. This year, we took our 5 year old to Legoland and got passes for the year and it ended up being cheaper than a party would have been. Now he gets a year of Legoland on top of it!

  268. Favorite thrifty birthday hack… sign up for “birthday” freebies from your favorite places, or places you find yourself at all the time. You’ll have a fun day getting free or discount coupons for treats all day! Seriously… kinda feels moviestar-ish… trust me, its fun!

  269. As someone already mentioned go around ton and get all the free things for your birthday. On my bday I’ve gone to Sephora and gotten a lil treat for free and a breakfast at Denny’s. I’ve also heard Starbucks gives you a free drink on your b-day. Hope you have a great bday!

  270. My favorite frugal birthday tip is my husband and I like to give gifts that are meaningful so we aren’t going out and buying expensive gifts for each other. He will cook dinner on my birthday and we will watch a movie and maybe for his birthday I make him something that he will like and we will spend time together.

  271. Costco pizza in our home with homemade cupcakes (from boxes on sale) = very frugal to feed a lot of people!

  272. There are so many companies that do freebies on your birthday so we always make sure to hit up our favorites and get a free soda (sodalicious and soda shop) and a cookie (at sweet tooth fairy) as well as a full lunch at a cute local Bbq place! Plus its fun to try places we dont usually Dutch Bros. They have a whole milkshake and smoothie menu I didnt know about!

  273. Happy Birthday Jordan!!! We like to hunt for “who can find the better deal” and trade off. We hunt Groupon, local guides and free events to get each other’s gifts!!

  274. One of my fav birthday frugal tips is to sign up with your email and birthday at different restaurants. Once you do that you’ll be rewarded a free meal during your birthday month. It’s so much fun and whi doesn’t love free??!!

  275. I like to make home made decorarions out of found/leftover items around the house. I get really creative an feel almost childlike in getting the decorations done!!! So fun!!

  276. My family would wake me up on my birthday and sing to me. Sometimes they would throw balloons on my bed; sometimes there would be streamers hanging from my door. It’s a small thing but it always made me feel special and was a great start to my birthday!

  277. We make our own birthday cakes. They usually aren’t pretty, but they taste good and make for lots of laughs

  278. I buy gifts for kids friends when they are on sale and stock up in my closet. Then when they get invited to a party they get to “shop” my closet for their friend. Also it makes it so I have gifts for last minute things or things I forget about too!

  279. My best frugal birthday tip is just to use up all of those birthday freebies from restaurants! I get quite a few, and will usually get a free meal on my birthday and then use any dessert freebies before they expire as a fun treat for my kids!

  280. I love my birthday!! It is the day after Chritmas so bring frugal on my birthday is pretty easy! I love shopping the after Christmas deals and my twins birthday is the 28th so bonus I get things super cheap that day for them!!

  281. I like to buy their gifts throughout the year when I see good deals instead of waiting for right before their birthday.

  282. My frugal birthday tip is to do DIY easy decorations, and to do things homemade instead of buying things. Have fun things just at home with the family, instead of going out to a big extravagant venue or party place.

  283. We like homemade cake so much more than store bought so I make most of the birthday treats for my family. Mine is usually store bought so I don’t have to cook on my birthday. 😂

  284. I just love the golden info on your blog! Thanks for all the hard work you do, and for sharing your sweet family with us!

    My favorite cheap birthday tip is to buy gifts year round as you see them on clearance. The best pickings are right after Christmas!

  285. Favorite frugal birthday too, sign up for all the free birthday deals in your area. Mostly free food🎉 but sometimes beauty products and other discounts too! Last year I ate for an entire week on birthday freebies lol. Happy Birthday week Jordan!💖

  286. My birthday frugal tip is to do something at home with the family like: baking together, or making a grill night, a movie marathon or leaving house and going into nature for a picnic.

  287. Before your birthday get on email lists for stores you like! Sometimes you get a discount, sometimes you get free items!

  288. My local smiths does a free ice cream sunday or icee for your birthday and the owner plays happy birthday to you with his trumpet, it is so cool and sweet.

  289. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

    To save $ on bdays, I try to make the cake , buy gifts ahead of time to have when I need one.

  290. I have not shopped cents of styles, but every time you share your favorite sweater I’m soooo tempted!!
    Hmm my favorite birthday frugal tip… I just tell my husband not to get me anything 😊 the kids make fun cards and presents. That’s good enough.

  291. Same tip as many, I LOVE homemaking my birthday cake (or cake for family members’ birthdays). It gives me a chance to try out new techniques I see online!

  292. Growing up, instead of going out to eat we always told our parents our favorites meals (breakfast and dinner mostly, but lunch if we weren’t at school), and they would make it for us on our birthday. We loved it!

  293. We are birthday twinners! I always look for birthday coupons and pick from those to go out to dinner. 😁

  294. Current favorite frugal b-day tip- my kids make decorations for each other! Mostly just pictures they draw and cut out and tape to the walls 🙂 They love it and it’s festive and personal. And I have a basic burlap w/ white paint “Happy Birthday” banner that goes up for everyone’s birthday.

  295. We always do small parties with homemade food and birthday cake! I love making home made cakes and finding new recipes!

  296. My favorite frugal brithday tip is to shop clearance sales for my kids birthday toys. I buy them months in advance and then hide them in the basement.

  297. I like to go eat out on my birthday but choose cheaper options. It’s not enjoyable for me to spend $100 on a meal!

  298. I love making my own cupcakes for my twins birthday party. Since there is two kiddos, I’m able to decorate individual cupcakes for my boy and then for my girl! Soooo much cheaper!

  299. Throughout the year I think of gifts I would like to get my friends and family. Then, when they go on sale I am able to buy them in advance at a reduced price thus saving money and getting them the gift I wanted to give them!

  300. Yay, happy birthday week! I love cents of style thanks to you! My order came to me the same day I ordered and I was totally amazed! Plus love the cardigans I got !

  301. I’m not sure how frugal it is, but my husband and I prefer to get each other experience gifts over a big material item. We’ll take a trip together, go hiking or kayaking together.

  302. Birthday person gets to decide on dinner and we dress it up to make it fun instead of going out. Think things we already own like table cloths and our fancy hand me down china for a fancy dinner or the cheap table clothes and decorations we saved from previous parties. And I am not above saving gift wrap (some of that stuff is sturdy) and gift bags for reuse.

  303. Biggest money saver for us is baking cakes/cupcakes at home. Over the years the kids have really looked forward to it, which is the best part!

  304. I always make a cake from scratch!!! It saves me a grundle of money and we never do elaborate parties. We let the kids invite friends over for a movie or karaoke or just pizza and the kids have never complained!

  305. I love your tips on budgeting and productivity! I hope to be able to get your productivity boot camp one day! Birthdays and holidays are much easier for us now that we put a bit away from each pay check to save up for them!

  306. Best frugal birthday tip: Keep it simple, but special for the birthday child! We and the other children will decorate the evening before the birthday guy or gal. Special breakfast, special banner, said child gets to choose dinner. And we make our own cake and then let the kids decorate it with candy, sprinkles, etc. Depending on the age, we do a birthday by taking all friends to our local park and then back to the house for pizza and cake (again). Always a homemade piñata and just playing at the house. All the friends love our birthday parties. Nothing crazy!

  307. We’ve done potluck style summer cookouts for summer birthdays. Also I try to keep a little stash of on sale things I find throughout the year for birthday gifts.

  308. Make the birthday cake! They are SO expensive to purchase and so easy to make at home! Pinterest has tons of ideas and step-by-step instructions for the cutest cakes. Or cupcakes because those will never not be adorable! 😀

  309. Make the morning special with decorations and breakfast. As for presents, buy a mixture of what they need and what they want. Kids love seeing multiple presents for them, even if some only have socks 🙂

  310. My favorite frugal birthday tip is signing up for rewards clubs everywhere you like to eat- so many will send you free meals or other goodies for your birthday!

  311. Favorite frugal bday tip is to get all the free stuff mostly food on my bday lol calories don’t count on birthdays 🤣😂

  312. My frugal tip – I like to set a budget for the person and then see how much awesomeness I can get for that price. It’s like a fun game for me! It helps me stay on track, but still gives me the ability to choose.

  313. All the birthday freebies you can get are awesome! Make sure you ask when you are at restaurants and stores if they offer any deals and then sign up!

  314. My frugal birthday tip, buy early when it’s on sale. Maybe Black Friday or after Christmas clearance. With 6 kids I’ve learned you’ve gotta be frugal to survive!

  315. I love to look on Groupon for great deals for our birthday because there is always things we have never done for cheap.

  316. Yay for birthdays. Mine is next week!! Don’t forget to look up all the restaurants and treat shops around that offers free goodies on your day😜🤘🥳

  317. My best fugal birthday tip is I always start buying a couple months in advance a few things at a time so I can keep an eye on deals and no have to buy everything at once!

  318. I like to do local experiences w my friends! Here I’m Austin, Texas there are so many opportunities for great new experiences. Last year I spent less than $50 (used a coupon) to take 6 friends paddle-boating, and then we did a scavenger hunt around Lake Travis. Such a fun time!

  319. My birthday, husband’s, and our anniversary are weeks apart. So if we want something better, combining for one thing works for us.

  320. We buy presents in advance when there are sales then just tuck them away until it’s Birthday time! We also sign up for free things like meals and boondocks the do birthday freebies.

  321. Happy birthday!!! Besides my birthday, your birthday is my favorite (because you are so generous!).
    My favorite frugal hack is to sign up for restaurant rewards. I eat so well during my birthday month!

  322. Favorite birthday frugal tip is purchasing gifts ahead of time while on sale and having a gift closet and bags.

  323. My mom always made our cakes when we were kids, and some of them were better than any store bought cake I’ve ever seen (there was an Island one when I turned 8 and a Harry Potter one when my sister turned 11 that I remember vividly). I don’t think I can ever live up to her cake-decorating skill, but I’ll make cakes for my kids when I have them too. They not only were cheaper, but they meant more to me.

  324. I like to use the coupons I get for my birthday to plan a fun celebration for dinner, dessert and activities!

  325. You don’t need to spend tons of money on a multi-layered professional cake – homemade cakes can be delicious!

  326. My frugal birthday tip: reuse the candles. Yes regular plain candles are cheap, but when I splurge on really cute spiral, glittery $5 candles, I will reuse them. You light them, sing happy birthday, they get blown out. There’s a lot of light left to give. I wash them. They get used again.

  327. I love having just a fun birthday dinner where the bday person gets to pick the dinner. That’s what we do with my husbands family and we usually play a game after. It’s the best. No stress and just fun and can be very cheap ☺️

  328. My favorite frugal birthday tip is a balloon arch.
    They add so much to the environment and take up so much
    space for a couple of dollars and some fishing line.

    I got the idea from your huge party you threw in your backyard last year!

  329. My favorite frugal birthday tip For little ones is to do a morning birthday party! Have them come in their pjs and do a pancake breakfast! Big money saver so you can spend that saved money on other things!

  330. Sign up for all your favorite restaurant email clubs and get all kinds of free items during your birthday week. From meals, to ice cream, to free coffee!!

  331. Bake your own cake at home! If you use a mix, add and extra egg, replace oil with butter, and use milk instead of water. Tastes so much better!!

  332. Since we don’t have a big budget for babysitting, we just bake our own cake and buy steaks/ seafood and cook at home and no need to pay the tips at the restaurant 😊

  333. My mom always made our cakes homemade for birthdays. They were so much cooler than store bought would have been (I distinctly remember an Island themed cake for my 8th birthday and a Harry Potter themed one for my sister’s 11th) , and much cheaper. She was able to accommodate our weird diets (like the year I didn’t like icing and the year my sister was a vegan). And those cakes meant so much more to us than store bought would have. I’ll continue the tradition for my kids!

  334. Sign up for birthday month freebies. Many companies offer them. Plan a day around you offers and you’ll have a full belly and loads of birthday swag.

  335. Sign up for all your favorite restaurant email clubs and get all kinds of free items during your birthday week. From meals, to ice cream, to free coffee!!

  336. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to sign up for birthday freebies. Also pay attention to the shops around you. Many have great or free offers on your birthday. Makes your birthday more fun!

  337. Frugal birthday tip: I don’t buy cards for any occasion because it seems like such a waste of money when I could make my own or just write a nice note! That leaves $5 more for the gift anyway, which I think everyone would rather have than a card they’re going to throw away 🙂

  338. I love to treat myself for my birthday but it can be difficult since two of my three children have birthdays very close to mine. I’ve decided that saving gift cards (from Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) to spend in my birth month allows me treat myself without breaking the bank and makes my birth month that much more enjoyable.

  339. Honestly, what we have started doing is just setting aside money each year in a separate account for birthdays/holidays/anniversary. These are things that don’t just randomly happen and so we should plan ahead and have money set aside so we don’t have to find a way last minute to scramble some money together to get something. And this way it doesn’t have to come out of our expenses for that month.

  340. My favorite birthday (frugal) tradition is going to Black Bear Diner for every person’s birthday in our little family. We never eat out and most of the time we can share plates so it’s a really fun and special treat that is unique and now a tradition.

  341. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite frugal birthday tip is reuse candles and get party supplies from the dollar store. They have so many options.

  342. Make a sheet cake for birthdays in the same flavor as the cutsie cake sk you don’t have to buy a huge professionally decorated cake! You save your self tons!

  343. Definitely take advantage of all the restaurants and other places that offer freebies on or around your birthday!

  344. This is a fun idea. I love how your programs progress. Thanks for your transparency and funny wit. You rock Jordan!

  345. For kids birthdays, all of mine are in the spring time so for presents I like to buy things that I am already going to have to buy for the summer season like swim suits, summer/swim toys,bubbbles, flip flops.. things like that!

  346. My tip is to be looking all year long for gifts for those closest to you. When I see something at a great price, I grab it! I may not need the gift immediately but in a few months when they have a birthday, I don’t need to pay full price for something they love!

  347. Yay for Birthdays🥳!! We coordinate family outings (that we do every year) to land on Birthdays to make it seem extra special without spending more!

  348. I like to get all the birthday freebies I can. Some you have to sign up for a few days before like red Robin to get a free burger. Or getting a free sandwich at Firehouse subs. I think you have to sign up for that one as well. Google all the birthday freebies. There are so many. You could be eating free food all day if you wanted.

  349. Idk if this is a frugal tip but getting decor from the dollar store. Even table covers for the parties are cheap.

  350. My birthday hack is to sign up for all the freebies! Starbucks, Sephora, Ulta, and Red Robin are my favorite! It’s a fun way to spoil yourself without spending much $$

  351. If my kids have birthdays that fall shortly after a holiday (Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc) I fill their piñatas and birthday party goodie bags with candy that was half off!

  352. I do as much as I can DIY! I use pinterest for ideas for everything. I bake the cake/cupcakes and make decorations. Alot of my decorations are solid colored, clearanced holiday items (plates, tasseled streamers, cupcake liners, sprinkles, etc.) that I stocked up on! We also use groupon deal for special birthday outings.

  353. I Applied for birthday coupons from all my favorite places using their rewards programs, Starbucks Coffee, Sephora, Godiva. They’re little gifts but things that make me happy on my birthday =)

  354. Birthdays are fairly simple at our house. I always try to pick up gifts when stores have huge clearance from Christmas. Sometimes we bake their cake together or we just buy a sheet cake from Sams club. They have them for under $20.

  355. I love baking so baking cakes for the family birthdays is my way of sharing my love for my family members AND saving money!!!! Happy Birthday, Jordan!!

  356. My favorite frugal birthday tip is to make your own cake! It’s easy and WAY less expensive than a bakery!

  357. We like to get outside for birthdays. A hike, picnic, a drive. Our whole family loves being outside and it’s free! (Other than gas money of course. 😉)

  358. My favorite frugal birthday tip is going out for just dessert as a family vs dinner. We make dinner at home and then head out to our favorite ice cream or cupcake shop after. Plus mention it’s your (or your spouse’s / kids’) special day – we’ve gotten free treats because of this. Not always, but it’s just icing on the cake if so! 🙂

  359. My tip is to learn how to make your own birthday cakes!! Pinterest is your friend…use it wisely. I’be done army tanks, barbie, space theme, fishing theme, zebra print etc. Just get creative and have fun! It will save you some $$$

  360. Tip I do on birthdays is try and skip a card. If it’s just a friend I may buy a journal or a book that I know they like and write a little message. I just hate the price of cards and even if I go to the dollar store for one. Who really keeps them anyways.

  361. My frugal birthday tip is sign up for birthday club emails for your favorite restaurants so you can get free meals the month of your birthday.

  362. I love to get my party supplies at Dollar Tree! And we like to skip the restaurants and just cook the birthday person’s favorite meal at home!

  363. We like to do birthday parties at home! For adults, we usually do some kind of potluck meal with friends. One of our best friends is an excellent baker so she’s always on dessert 😏