How to travel for CHEAP! Affordable travel tricks, tips, and hacks

How to travel for CHEAP! Such good travel tips and hacks!!!

It's no secret that we have caught the travel bug. After so many years of being afraid to travel, assuming that we couldn't afford it, I'm now kicking myself for all the adventures we have missed out on. Over the last few years as I have become more and more interested in travel, I have made it my mission to figure out how to do it as affordably as possible. Would you believe me if I told you all you need is $1,000 and you can have 9 days in Thailand, or 8 days in Spain? It's true!

After sharing Part 1 and Part 2 of our recent Thailand trip on Youtube, we received SO MANY questions, I figured it was time to spill the beans, and teach you everything I have learned about road trip, domestic, and international travel…on the cheap. I cover how to find the best deals on flights, super secret hacks for getting flights for half off or more, how to find the cheapest hotel rooms, and my favorite sites to use to book crazy-cheap vacation packages.

If you didn't know, I post a new video every Thursday to my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a thing! Enough chit chat, let's get to the goods.

Check the video out online or click and watch below:

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Our growing snowman…

Welp, I've been napping every day, my vision is blurry, my pants don't fit, I'm having crazy-weird dreams, and I've had Top Ramen for breakfast 3 times this week because it's all I

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Creative ways to reuse…

SUPER CLEVER ways to reuse leftover party food. This is GENIUS!

If you've known me for 30 seconds or longer, you know we LOVE to host parties and entertain at our house. We have learned how to entertain without breaking the bank (see loads of

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How to bake bread! (EASIEST…

How to bake bread!! Easiest recipe EVER! Seriously, anyone can do this!

If you know me, you know I HATE to bake. And I'm terrible at it. But don't run! I may not be the best baker, but I'm about to teach you how to bake bread...and will hopefully blow

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How to get out of debt…

As you may have saw recently on Instagram, I went back and did another segment with my girl, Rachael Ray, about how to get out of debt ( 3 simple steps, even)! It was so fun

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Biggest Budget Boot Camp sale…

BudgetBootCamp Conf 2018 is here! Tickets on sale now!

It's that time again!! Many of you have been anxiously waiting for our 7th annual budgeting and frugal living conference tickets to go on sale...and the tickets are OFFICIALLY

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All about MARRIAGE! Intimacy,…

Intimacy, disagreements, keeping the flame alive...we cover it all!

WARNING: This has (almost) nothing to do with finance or frugal living. And I'm going to pretend to be Dr. Phil for a hot minute. But don't run, I promise it will be worth your

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How much we spent on…

Not only showing what we bought our kids, but exactly how much we spent and how we stayed UNDER budget - WITHOUT coupons or black friday shopping!

"How much do you spend on Christmas gifts?" That's a question I'm guessing doesn't come up during casual lunchtime conversation with people. Why? Well, for one it's very personal!

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A look inside my cell phone!…

iphone hacks, best apps, secret texts and many good things!!

Hi. My name is Jordan, and I'm a phone addict. Hi Jordan. *Kind of joking, kind of not.* This year I have been trying to find better balance with my phone. It's just so dang

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Freebs Secret Santa Project…

Today is Giving Tuesday, and it's also one of the last days of November, which marks the official beginning fo the Christmas holiday season (in my opinion, anyway). Christmas

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How we “do it…

Aside from frugal living and finance questions, I'd daresay the most common question I get asked is "how do you do all that you do??", or more commonly worded, "how do you do it

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The Best Homemade Roll Recipe…

The Best Homemade Roll recipe plus to die for Honey Butter from

  Hey Freebs! Alisha here, and in case you don't know who I am, I handle operations here at FunCheapOrFree. I don't generally write posts, that's all Jordan, not my

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How I do my laundry! |…

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!

A few weeks ago I recorded loads of laundry hacks, and my full laundry routine Instagram stories. It's extremely unconventional (as you'll see in a minute!) so I wasn't sure if it

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