All about MARRIAGE! Intimacy, fights, compromise…and all sorts of over-shares.

Intimacy, disagreements, keeping the flame alive...we cover it all!

WARNING: This has (almost) nothing to do with finance or frugal living. And I'm going to pretend to be Dr. Phil for a hot minute. But don't run, I promise it will be worth your time!

You may or may not know that every Tuesday Bubba (my husband) and I sit down to answer your questions live. It's called Q&A Tuesday, and if you're not there, you are most certainly square (wink). Write it on your forehead and be first in line next time, it's a real ride.

This last week we saw a trend in the questions you Freebs wanted us to answer, and they seemed to center around marriage, and the challenges that come along with it. Now, I know we look like sisters, but believe it or not, I am no Oprah. Oh, and to set the rumors straight, we are not sisters. BUT…I have been married for 10 years. I do have 5 kids. Our marriage is strong and thriving, sure. But we have been on the brink of “wow, are we really going to make it?” to the climax of crazy-stupid in love, “holy crap how did I get so lucky to marry this person??” (and every stage in-between). So I guess you could say that while I don't have the letters behind my name that a formal therapist has, I did get a masters degree in the school of the hard knocks and happened to graduate top in my class of “learn the hard way”-ers.

We sat down to answer your marriage questions on Tuesday, and what started as casual conversation turned into a discussion so deep and intimate, we had thousands of people tuning in live and Instagram kicked us off because we were basically breaking the internet! (Wish I could say that wasn't true! #DarnYouInstagram).

To say we were humbled by the response we saw from our Q&A would be an intense understatement.

The emails, comments, and DM's came pouring in. The topics we covered, the stories and hardships we shared, and the resources we mentioned gave so many of you hope. It started hard conversations between you and your spouse that you had been burying for decades. For many of you, it showed you aren't alone in the hardships and joys that marriage bring. We were B L O W N A W A Y that our simple Q&A could spark so much conversation. Additionally, many of you have asked me to post the Q&A so you can go back and watch it with your spouse, remember the books and resources we mentioned, and some have even talked about sitting down to watch with your girlfriends.

Well, Freebs, we listened.

Our conversation is deeply personal and incredibly intimate, but we couldn't ignore the flame it had ignited. Thus,  going against what might be my better judgement (#MercyLetsHopeNot), I've decided to not only post the Q&A on YouTube, but we did a SECOND Live Q&A about marriage this week that I will add to this post and put on YouTube as soon as it is completed and edited!.

In the meantime, as promised, here are PARTS 1 and 2 of our marriage Q&A:

As I share this video, I just ask a few simple things.

  1. Please respect us and everyone else who chimes in in the comments. Pretend we are at a marriage support group. Don't shame us or anyone else, and please respect the sacred nature of the things we are discussing, and keep them amongst our Freebs family only.
  2. We are married and will be talking about personal, intimate subjects and topics. If you are not married or are 18 or younger, please consider saving this video in your archive and watching it down the road when it becomes appropriate for you.
  3. Please note that we are a married man and woman, so we are referring to “husband and wife” because, well, that's what we are! But we love and respect relationships of all forms so just take what we say and picture adapting it into your own situation as best you can.
  4. We aren't professionals, this is just our experience and opinions. Though, I really do wish I was Oprah…

Ok! Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the videos!

Watch Part 1 online, or click and watch below:


WATCH PART 2 ONLINE HERE, or watch below:


Thanks for watching! Please chime in with your thoughts and impressions in the comments, and please head to Facebook or Instagram for our Q&A Tuesday!

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  1. Thank you so much for your last couple videos. I have followed you for years and love what you stand for but just recently I started watching your vlogs. The other day on instagram you posted while at wal mart about your bedtime routine and what that entails for the two of you. I was just hoping to get a little bit better clarification. I am also a member of the LDS church and endowed and as most husband are mine would love to have sex every night but for me that is not in my books…. we have 4 kids 4 and under. insert exhaustion! You made mention of wearing lacy underwear while getting ready for bed to have it be a normal thing? Just wondering if I could get better understanding of what you do and why since I missed it. Thanks

  2. Thank you, Bubba and Jordan. I watched both of the Q&A Tuesdays and they were amazing. I am very much like Jordan and my hubby is very much like Bubba. I may have said no too many times though, as now my hubby will not initiate anything with me 🙁 So now I’m left trying to figure out how to fix this on my own. And it’s scary. I plan to use some of the tips your shared.

  3. Great videos! You had mentioned in one of your insta stories about putting on cute panties/lingerie every night and then you would get in your normal pajamas. It sounds like a great idea but I was wondering if you could elaborate more on it. Do you do this each night when it’s “you” time? Like watching a show or hanging out and talking? Or just in your room?
    I want to add this into my relationship.

    • Yes! we cover it in detail in parts 3 and 4 that I will post very soon on Youtube! Keep your eyes peeled!

  4. Thank you both for putting yourselves out there! Love hearing lessons learned in marriage from a Christian couple. Please share more!

  5. Imagine if your roles were switched. My husband is like Jordan and I am like Bubba! It’s the most difficult thing. My husband also has depression (“managed” with medication) and that is a huge part of our struggle. This was a great Q & A! You guys are hilarious and awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I absolutely loved your honesty and bought both books mentioned. I received my book about properly feeding my husband just yesterday and I am reading it. I have already started having great discussions with my hubby about it. Good stuff! I love the book and love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Jordan!
    I loved the first Q&A but I missed the second one about marriage that you and Bubba did. Have you posted it to youtube or the blog? I can’t find it 🙁

  8. I loved both videos. My husband and I often watch your videos together, and we happened upon them after you posted them on YouTube. It was really great to see that we’re not alone in what we’re struggling with. We love each other deeply, but struggle too – sometimes it’s easier to let those struggles with the day than the love we have for each other. I appreciate you both sharing so much!

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