How I do my laundry! | UNCONVENTIONAL | My best laundry hacks, tips, and tricks

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!

A few weeks ago I recorded loads of laundry hacks, and my full laundry routine Instagram stories. It's extremely unconventional (as you'll see in a minute!) so I wasn't sure if it would be of interest to anyone. Well, Freebs, it basically broke the internet and left you begging for more! #GoFigure.

I certainly am no laundry physicist and have no degree is Laundryism, but I do have 5 kids which amounts to an INSANE amount of laundry each week. We buy inexpensive clothes that I don't want to look inexpensive, so over the years I have come a bit of a laundry expert (albeit self-proclaimed).

Today I'm giving you a tour of my laundry room, and sharing my laundry hacks, tips, tricks, and of course, my (unconventional but will change your life I promise!) laundry routine.

If you didn't know, I do new videos every Thursday on YouTube so be sure to subscribe, turn on the bell notification, and check back each week for more goodness like this! Ok enough blabbing, let's air out the dirty laundry!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

See, that wasn't so bad right??

I know it may seem like a lot of steps, but it really isn't bad. Just remember to sort the HEAVY textures from the LIGHT textures and you'll be fine. Since I have so many loads to do each week, I sub-divide the two textures into smaller piles, but you could simplify if you don't have as many loads as I do.

Here are a few additional tips not mentioned in this video:

  • Remember to always wash your clothes with COLD water, with the exception of towels and whites.
  • If your washer is an HE performance washer, you MUST use HE detergent! That isn't a marketing gimmick, it will truly mess up your machine if you don't use HE.
  • Go with the name-brand! If you know me, you know I prefer store-brands to name-brands 9 times out of 10. In the case of laundry…I'm the opposite! With the exception of dryer sheets (they are one in the same, just go with the scent you like) it's worth the money to get name-brand. I've tried everything on the market, and I see a noticeable difference when I use Tide vs store-brands, even Kirkland! Store-brands are important to have on-hand, though, for loads like towels, sheets, and other loads that don't need the expensive stuff.
  • Rip your dryer sheets in half. It's all you need! And there is much less build-up in your dryer. There are dryer balls, homemade dryer balls, and all sorts of alternative to dryer sheets if you'd prefer. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.


As mentioned, I don’t fold clothes straight out of the dryer. The exception being church clothes, or mine and Bubba’s clothes which I try to fold right away.  The way I keep our clothes wrinkle free to dry everything on the “wrinkle-free” setting. It works!! Of course the kids clothes won’t be perfectly non-wrinkled but it doesn’t bother me much. If they are super wrinkly, that’s where a quick 30 seconds with the steamer comes in handy (linked below).

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!


I've had a few questions about bleaching my whites, since I didn't cover it much in the video. I toss the whites in (without worrying much about texture, I just toss all whites together for the most part), set to “whitest whites” setting (which washes them on the hottest water possible and rinses them twice), add bleach to the “max fill” line, add LIQUID tide detergent (not pods! The pods will dissolve too quickly!), turn on the “pre-soak” setting, and go on my way. My whites have stayed bright and light doing it this way. I definitely prefer Clorox bleach. For whatever reason the store-brands just don't get my clothes as white!

Here are the products I mentioned in the video:

  • Clothing steamer. Freebs, if you iron, you are probably spending WAY too much time in the laundry room! I switched to steaming years ago and will never look back. Toss one (or two!) on your Christmas list this year!
  • Tall laundry hamper. Before I had those awesome pull-out cabinet sorters, I simply bought several of these tall hampers and lined them up in my laundry room instead. They took up some floor and wall space, but the functionality was worth the tight spaces. You could also opt for this 4-basket sorter, or this door hamper.
  • Wall-mount drying rack. This is a huge space-saver! There are clothes I don't dry in the dryer, so having a wall-mounted rack will save you loads of floor space.
  • Tide pods are my new go-to! I typically buy them at Costco and stock up when they are on sale. They have made my clothes look so much better!

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!

So there you have it!

Hopefully this has given you some motivation or new ideas for tackling your own laundry monster. Now, if you don't mind, I need to get sorting. Have a great week, Freebs!

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