Make-Ahead Freezer Sandwiches! Perfect for school lunches!

make-ahead freezer sandwiches for school lunches?? THIS IS BRILLIANT!

Hi Freebs!

Today's post is going to be a quick one because I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. #Thursday. I just wanted to be sure to share the video that went live on my channel today, because it's one you NEED IN YOUR LIFE!

Every Thursday I upload a new video to YouTube, and today we are talking make-ahead freezer sandwiches! I've already taught you about my Freezer PB&J's, today I'm showing you how I do the cutest little meat and cheese sandwiches. My kids freak out over these for school; they love them!

I'm in the process of “productifying” (not word, we're going to make it one…) my life. My goal is to do the work once, and maximize it in such a way that it continues to work for me again and again. This is the perfect way to do that! Take the time ONCE, and get many lunches out of it.

Excited for the video?? You should be. *wink*

Watch the video online HERE, or watch below:

Isn't that simple??

As I mentioned in the video, I would just recommend putting the cheese between the meat, because some cheeses thaw better than others – you don't want it sticking to the bread.

Again, see how I freezer PB&J's HERE. Really, you could do this with any combination of meat and cheese – I can't think of any that isn't freezer-friendly!

Hope this makes your life a little easier, as it has mine.

make-ahead freezer sandwiches for school lunches?? THIS IS BRILLIANT!

Be sure to continue to follow along with our #Shelftember challenge for your chance to WIN A FREEZER! The response and participation has been astounding, so don't get FOMO by missing out.

Now, I gotta run, and figure out how to be 3 places at once…#momlife.

Have a great week, Freebs!

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  1. Great video. We “productify” breakfast breads: banana, zucchini, chocolate zucchini, by making big batches in mini foil pans and freezing them. Serves the two of us generously and gives us a choice. Works with muffins, too. Now we need a Costco apple muffin copycat recipe. Got one, anyone?

  2. Thank you for this video. Another, time saver. Thankfully, my kids do like ham and cheese. I will be making these definitely. I feel the same….mine don’t like condiments either. Just plain ham/cheese.
    Also, I know you have the freezer PB&J as well. Is there a particular bread you recommend fairs better from frozen to thaw state? My kids are in elementary school so their lunch is like 11:30 and they don’t leave until 8:30 am. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jordan I would like to share this tip withyou to keep lettuce crispy and it should last 10 days take lettuce spinach and submerge it in a big pot with cold water and sprinkle baking soda in water not two much maybe quarter to half tsp mix well let rest 5 -10 min. Then rinse we’ll fill pot again with only cold water submerge clean lettuce in cold water then let it sit again 5-10 min. And walla extra crispy lettuce. Love it 👌 Try it please you’ll love it.

  4. Hi,
    I was just wondering how long it takes for these to be defrosted? My kids have lunch about 2 1/2 – 3 hours after they would leave the freezer. Thanks

  5. Doesn’t the bread get soggy when it thaws out? It seems like they would come out soggy as they thaw in the bag. Thanks!

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