Emergency preparedness + food storage! Why you need it, how to afford it, and where to start.

Simple emergency preparedness for any family! I so needed to watch this!

Hi Freebs! I know it's not Thursday (that's typically when a new video drops over on my YouTube channel) – BUT – I wanted to share this video with you! A few weeks ago for Q&A Tuesday, Bubba and I decided to choose the topic of emergency preparedness and food storage for the Q&A. With the recent devastations with hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes, it seems to be a bit on everyone's minds!

Last year Bubba got really interested in emergency preparedness and making sure we had enough food and supplies to sustain our family in case of natural disaster, job loss, personal injury, or financial stress. We learned a LOT in the process and decided to share what we know, in hopes of helping you and your family!

Note – we are NOT doomsdayers! We don't believe in selling everything you own and living in a bunker in the mountains. Not at all. But the FACT, is that 100% of us will be affected by natural disaster, job loss, personal injury, or financial stress at some point. By having some necessities on-hand, it allows you to be self-sufficient and *hopefully* providing for your family, so you can then turn around and help others.

We keep it light-hearted and fun (as per usual) and try to show you that “prepping” doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or stressful. So check it out and just start small in getting some basic necessities for your family!

Watch the video online or click and watch below:

See, not too scary right?

Take baby steps. Just start with a 72 hour kit, and it's amazing how much better you will feel. Here are some of the resources mentioned in the video:

Simple emergency preparedness for any family! I so needed to watch this!

Hopefully that makes it a little more manageable for you all!

Now, get out there and do some prepping! XO

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  1. When looking at utilizing your garage for food storage, check your state laws because the state of Idaho has a little known law that says that during emergencies, anything in your garage is up for grabs for the government to come in and take to redistribute to the people. It really made us rethink where we would keep our stuff and now it’s under beds and tucked in closets!

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