How to store groceries, choose a watermelon, and other FOOD HACKS!


How to store groceries...Food Hacks! |

Happy Thursday, Freebs! If the carrier pigeon never delivered the message, I'm posting new videos every Thursday over on the ol' YouTube. This week's is one I filmed forever ago (…caugh…APRIL…) but just had to post because it answers so many of the grocery/food questions I've been getting lately! I walk through a grocery shopping trip, talking about what I bought, what I paid for it, why I bought it, how I plan to use it, how I plan to store the extras, and also throw in some killer food hacks like how to pick the perfect watermelon and pineapple! *breathing heavily, arms in air*

Trust me, it's good.

FIRST – subscribe to my channel and turn on my notifications, since the time of day that I post changes regularly (#LazyBloggerProbs, remember?)

NEXT – see what the hype is all about!

Watch this week's video online or click and watch below:

Hope that helps y'all!

Here are some additional tips that might help even more:

  • I continue to use Deals to Meals to see what's on sale at the stores near you, even though I can't price-match any more. You can also take advantage of their meal plans to use what you buy that week. Trust me, it's worth the $5/month by a long-shot.


How to track your grocery budget, and how much to pay for groceries each week

the easiest, simplest, and most effective way to budget EVER!

The scoop on the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not! from

The scoop on the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not! from

How a $1 target board can save you (literally) hundreds! From


How to store groceries...Food Hacks! |

There you go! I hope all those tips help.

aaaaaaand WHILE YOU'RE HERE…
Don't forget about my Secret Sauce online budgeting program, Budget Boot Camp! Super fun video program that makes money easy to understand. All you need is a screen and you're set!

And don't forget, if you don't save at LEAST what you paid for the program, I'll refund every dime. You've got nothing to lose! Use the code FCFBLOG to get an extra 10% off, because I love you 😉
Happy food…ing!


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  1. If you want the best flavor for your tomatoes, store them on the counter. Once you’ve cut into a tomato, store it in the fridge – but try to use it soon.

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