Is Walmart price-matching ending?? The FULL SCOOP!

The scoop on the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not! from

FREEBS! Put down the paper bags you're breathing into and listen up! I know rumors are FLYING about the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not. Have no fear, Freebs, Mama J did a video answering all your questions and giving you the full scoop!

No clue what price-matching is? Let me enlighten you, grasshopper.

Price-matching is when a store will honor a competitor's price on an identical item, if that price is cheaper than theirs. Walmart has been doing this for years (as explained in all these posts). If a store within 30 miles of Walmart has a better price on an identical product, they will match the lower price, saving you TONS.

If you've been following me for 2 seconds or longer you might have noticed that I love price-matching and it has saved thousands over the years as a result.

So…is price-matching ending??

Watch the video online or watch here to find out! And no, this video isn't sponsored in any way.

So there you go!

In short…

Yes, price-matching is ending…but not everywhere (yet). Yes, it will probably end forever at some point. But for now, they are ending it area by area, so you can still take advantage of it in many places! In my area (Utah and the surrounding states) it has ended, but it's still going strong in some areas. (Reminder – see full details for how I price-match HERE.)

Alisha (a member of the FCF team) worked at Walmart for over a decade. She got in touch with her Walmart manager friends and the official statement…is that there is no official statement. Wah waaaaaahp. There is no overall list of what stores will be stopping or not, so unfortunately, you will just need to call your store and ask if/when price-matching ends for that store.

Have no fear though! There if price-matching is dead in your area, there are so many ways to still save half on your grocery bill WITHOUT coupons.

The scoop on the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not! from

Meal plan! Here are some tips of mine:

Additional savings tips…

  • Shop and cook around what's on sale
  • Don't waste ANYTHING – use every drop of what you have!
  • Consider a meal swap with friends! You cook dinner for however many families are in your swap, 1 night per week, and the other nights of the week a hot meal is delivered to your door. You only cook ONE TIME PER WEEK and get a homemade meal every night! It's genius! You can set rules like no MSG, must come with 2 sides, etc.
  • Double and freeze! We all know I looooooooove my freezer meals.
  • Use Deals to Meals to see what's on sale at the stores near you, and take advantage of their meal plans to use what you buy that week. Trust me, it's worth the $5/month.
  • If you're still struggling to make and keep a budget, try my Budget Boot Camp program! It's a super fun way to whip your finances into shape, and with my money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Hope that helps! Is your area still price-matching? Let us know in the comments below so we can help each other out. Have a great day, Freebs!



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