Pages Take the Caribbean!! (How to cruise with kids + our cruise shenanigans!)

THE BEST tips for cruising with kids!! SO many awesome tips!

A few weeks ago we took our boys on a Caribbean Cruise with some friends. To say it was fun would be a serious, tragic, and gross understatement. It was…a dream trip (in case you couldn't tell by my Instagram pics).

Questions keep trickling in about the trip so I thought I'd share all about our trip here, show you our cruise vlogs, answer your questions, and give you loads of tips for cruising with kids!

First stop, see our trip in all of it's glory!

CRUISE PART 1: (Days 1-2)


CRUISE PART 2: (Days 3-4)


CRUISE PART 3: (Days 6-8)



I recently did a Millennial Moms video with additional “traveling with kids” tips:



The last time we cruised with our kids I did a HUGE, very thorough post series about it. I can't trump that! So I'm going to refer you back to the series, which should answer aaaaaalllll your questions.

How to cruise with kids - THE BEST tips!!!

See my How To Cruise with Kids series to cover…

  • Why did we decide to take our kids on a cruise?
  • Weren’t we scared of cruise horror stories?
  • How we pulled it off
  • Set a budget and save up
  • How we saved up for our trip
  • How to find the best deal
  • Picking and booking your cruise
  • Breakdown of what our cruise cost
  • Extras and fees to expect on a cruise
  • Fly or drive?
  • Tips for booking your flights
  • Hotels & transportation
  • Packing and trip prep
  • Things to do before you go
  • What to bring
  • What NOT to bring
  • Clothes/what to wear
  • Checking in/boarding the ship
  • Our ship cabin
  • Naps and bedtime
  • Meals and food
  • Packing snacks and food when off the ship
  • Things to do on-board with kids
  • Things to do off the ship with kids
  • What we wore
  • Behavior and discipline
  • What our week looked like
  • Day 1 – boarding the ship
  • Day 2 – at sea
  • Day 3 – Grand Turk
  • Day 4 – Half Moon Cay (my favorite)
  • Day 5 – Nassau
  • Day 6 – Getting off the ship, Miami
  • Using the childcare on board
  • Packing & trip prep
  • Airport tips
  • Flights with kids
  • Entertaining your kids on a flight
  • Snacks, food, and drinks
  • Naps and sleeping (hotels and flights)
  • Hotel stays with kids

Again, get all of that info HERE.

Spoiler alert – I'm looking into organizing a group cruise in the fall for any Freebs who want to go with me and my family! Is that something you'd be interested in? Let me know in the comments and I'll get to work!

Thanks for watching/reading, have a great day!



  1. It would be AMAZING to go in a cruise with you and your family! I live in FL though so I’m wondering how it would work with grouping together with Freebs from states other than Utah?

      • I definitely don’t want to let you down saying I’ll go when we’ve got Baby#2 due in two weeks (even though the cruise isn’t until fall). We are still in that first phase you mentioned in one of your videos about saving money! It’s a nice thought though.

  2. My sister and I came across your video on YouTube and we love your personality and we were addicted immediately and started watching the other videos you posted about your cruise. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! We were curious though why you just took your boys on this cruise and not all of your kids?

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