My skin care routine! Tools, tips, tricks, and my blackhead secret!

Easy skin care regime using mostly drug store products and at-home remedies!

Holy smokes, do we have a busy week over here in the Page Household! We are recovering from a week in Arizona for Thanksgiving (not having family in Utah makes holidays a bit tricky…), and are gearing up for a DOUBLE tonsillectomy this week for 2 of my kiddos! Oh joy. *insert super sarcastic face of choice.*

BUT – I wanted to pop in quickly to fulfill my end of an agreement! Last night I jumped on Facebook and did a live broadcast to show you all about…my FACE! Since posting my 5 minute makeup routine the other day, I got an influx of questions about my skin, skin care routine, and my skin tips and tricks. Rather than do 200 different posts for you (#LazyBlogger, remember?) I showed you everything in one video! How I wash my face, the products I use, how I remove my eye makeup, my favorite skin products, tips, and tricks, and I even show you my super secret lemon juice secret (spoiler alert: it has to do with blackheads!).

Easy skin care regime using mostly drug store products and at-home remedies!

In the video I promised to post a blog post with links to everything I used and mentioned, so here you have it! I thought I'd post the video here as well, for anyone who doesn't have Facebook (gasp!) or who might've missed it. Be sure to follow me on Facebook HERE so you don't miss out on any future live broadcasts! I want to do them more, since my uninterrupted blogging time continues to steadily dwindle. It's a way for me to answer questions and interact with you, seeing as how we are both behind computer screens and all…

Enough of the babble,

Watch the video online here or watch below:

Hope that helped somehow, someway!

Now onto the products I mentioned in the video:

Reminder: If you are shopping online, sign up for Ebates first! You get cash back and doesn't cost you anything!

Easy skin care regime using mostly drug store products and at-home remedies!

What are YOUR favorite products? Share below, it's been fun to hear what works for everyone else! Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment (I read every one!)…and happy face-washing!



  1. Thanks for the video, Jordan! I have never even heard of the PMD before. 🙂 I just ordered one for my husband for Christmas. He battles with his skin. 🙁 Hopefully this will work for him! And of course, I love the presents that I can use too! 😉

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