Do I have any friends in Austin, TX?

Austin, TX

Howdy to all y'all Texans out there! Crazy idea…

I've never been to Texas before (I know, sad, right?) but I'm headed out there for a conference on July 31 – Aug 2. Since I'll be there anyway, I'm wondering if I have any FunCheapOrFree friends who would want to get together! I'm thinking that if there was enough interest I would do a mini seminar where I share some of my top budgeting/frugality/finance tips, do Q&A, and make some new friends! Tickets would be as affordable as possible ($25 or less, the more people who attend the cheaper the cost) and it would be just plain FUN.


Please fill out this quick survey online (or fill it out below) so I can see if there is enough interest to pull it off! I would really love to start doing mini Frugality Boot Camps as I travel throughout the country. Want to hold one in your area? CONTACT ME and let me know!

Hope to see y'all in gool ol' TEHAS!




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  1. You have a friend in San Antonio, TX! About an hour south of Austin. I would love to see you (August 2 is my birthday!) but I have a newborn and I am still having the hardest time managing my time and organizing myself to leave him with a sitter. I’d to know how you do it! I read your posts and am amazed at how together you have it. I know you don’t have it perfect, but I’m pretty impressed. 🙂

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