Exciting secret that I need YOUR help with!!

I've got a secret

Guys…I'm dying. I have an exciting secret, that I really should be keeping secret, but I JUST CAN'T! So rather than keep it all the way secret, I'm going to enlist you all to HELP me with it. After all, when it comes to important decisions, I turn to my best friends (aka YOU!)…and this is a big one!

Ready for it?…I'm about ready to bring to market the first (of hopefully many) baby products that I have been working on FOREVER! The first (and one I'm most excited about…)…a full-coverage nursing cover! It has 360 degree coverage, sleeves, can be used as a changing pad, and has some other exciting features that you'll just have to wait and see at the big reveal around Mother's day. The most exciting part? YOU are going to decide the first design to get manufactured!! I have teamed up with the incredible designers at Plum Street Prints to bring you an exclusive FCF design! In this first batch I can only pick ONE design (ouch, I know) so it needs to be the best. So if you could give me your (literally) 2-second vote below, I would love you even more than I already do!

So what would be your choice from the nursing cover options below?? Note, this isn't what the cover is going to look like exactly, we can't give ALL our secrets away, now can we? But you get the jist. Look mostly at color and pattern. While you're at it, will you please answer the other questions in the survey too? Thanks again to Plum Street Prints for the fabulous designs. Love you all!!

Vote on your favorite nursing cover look!

In case you want a little more background info…

A long time ago I posted about a poncho nursing cover with sleeves that I made out of scratch fabric. It was ugly as sin, but it single-handedly allowed me to have 3 kids in 3 years without wanting to kill myself. Or my kids. Or others.

While many people out there feel comfortable nursing out in the open (more power to ya), I like full-coverage when nursing. Of all the nursing covers I tried, none of them gave me the coverage I wanted. My kids are wiggly nursers and would pull down, pull up, or kick open the cover. It never went wide enough on the sides and I felt like I was flashing side-boob, bare-back, or love-handles to the world. (TMI sorry, but true.) Enter…this baby:

poncho nursing cover

I hacked together a full-coverage nursing cover with sleeves, which allowed me to nurse on airplanes, in the middle of the park, children's museum, at the restaurant table at dinner, and even in drive-throughs.

Nursing discreetly in the middle of a restaurant.
Nursing discreetly in the middle of a restaurant.

Everywhere I went I had people stop and ask me where they could get one. I told them I basically stapled it together and tried to explain to them how. After two years of hemming-and-hawing over it, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and hopefully help some moms out there with a product that has saved my life!

Nursing while going through a drive-through!

Nursing while going through a drive-through!

I'm in a crunch to bring these amazing, full-coverage covers to you by Mother's Day (please cross your fingers for me!). Can't wait to show you the other exciting things I have in store!

Until then, love you and thanks for your time. Smooches!




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  1. How very exciting! That is awesome! I loved nursing my first but she didn’t like being covered. I can’t wait to get my hands on one for the next time around.

  2. Can’t wait! My first baby was a wiggly nurser and I always felt uncomfortable nursing in front of people so i missed out on a lot because I would excuse myself. I’m excited to hopefully get to try this with our baby due in August!

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