I’m dying!!


Guys. I'm dying.

Ok not literally. But I feel like I could burst into a million pieces because I have not one, but TWO exciting announcements that I have to wait until Saturday to share with you!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm bad at keeping my mouth shut about anything, let alone super great things that involve my favorite readers in the whole world.

So I'm sorry for the anticipation-building, but I can't NOT say anything…it's just not in my nature. So be sure to tune in on SATURDAY for a few exciting announcements, and in the meantime, let's all just practice our surprised face…


p.S…any guesses? I always find them entertaining 🙂



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  1. Maybe the american ballet saw your instagram sound of music dancing and they want you to join their troupe!
    Maybe your bootcamp venue and details has been finalised and suze orman is a guest speaker!
    Maybe the frugality cruise is a go-er and captain stubing is coming on board!
    Maybe you’re preggers! (That would be awesome by the way!)
    Maybe i clearly have nothing going on today and should really PUT. MY. IPAD. AWAY!
    Looking forward to Saturday! Dont keep us in suspense for too long! Xx

  2. You are moving to Michigan and going to start posting deals about my local stores.
    You are going back to college to become a phlebotomist.
    You are creating an app.
    Fun Cheap or Free Everyday…a magazine
    You are dying your hair red.

    That’s all I got.

  3. Maybe you’re gonna say that we can enter the Frugality boot camp via Online! Since I live in Jersey, and can’t make it to Utah for it, I can watch via skype or something??

    Would be awesome if you were pregnant! 🙂

    The cruise is a GO!

    You’re gonna be on TLC again?? Or maybe another popular network that we can all watch…..OPRAH??!

    cant wait to hear 🙂

  4. Haha you guys are creative! A few hints…no, I’m not prego, no it’s not TV, and though we’re close, no cruise announcement yet. So basically you’ll be super disappointed with the announcements because they aren’t nearly as cool as those! haha! JK you’ll love them. I hope…

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