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Don’t miss anything!

The "3-month rule" – The secret to buying (just about) anything you want…regardless of your budget!

One of the best parts about being a Fun Cheap or Free Queen is the fact that with patience, a little practice, and some mad frugalista skills,  you can have just about anything you want. For realzies. A gross misconception about “frugal people” is that we don’t spend money; that we pinch every penny,  never buy anything

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A day in the life.

*Note: I started writing this post before Baby Beck was born. But so far my day is structured basically the same way…but with less sleep now 🙂 I will have to do a new “day in the life” update post soon if anyone is interested! I have recently been getting a lot of the same type of

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HUGE list of birthday freebies, and tips on how to never let a deal expire again!

Ok, I guess I have to say it… Happy birthday to…me! It’s true. Yesterday (March 8) I turned the ripe ol’ age of 27. Man, gettin’ up there! 😉 All I wanted for my birthday was a healthy baby check! …but that wouldn’t suffice for my family. We are having lots of fun celebrating this

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