CRAZY-good deal on diapers! (and wipes)

Having (soon to be in a few weeks…) 3 kids under 3, you can bet I go through (and will continue to go through) a lot of diapers. It's no wonder why I get excited when I see a good diaper deal (remember THIS post?).

If you remember from THIS post and THIS post, I buy my diapers almost exclusively from Costco. I wait for the Costco coupon book, then when there's a month with a diaper coupon, I stock up like crazy. The coupons tend to cycle every other month or ever 2 months, so I tend to not run out.


Lately Costco has really been lacking in the diaper coupons…and it's been KILLING me! (Though, this month they do have a $5 off Huggies wipes coupon, so stock up in-store on those babies while you're at it.) I've had to pay full-price for my last few boxes (which is a big no-no!) and it irks me every time. Well, good news folks!

Today I went online to Their online store is completely independent from their warehouse stores; inventory and pricing varies. Right now the ONLINE store has diapers for a killer deal, 

$7.50 off Huggies diapers, plus free shipping!
Click HERE to see their diapers online

This is a major stock-up opportunity, people. Find a way to give up things in your budget to make room for these diapers (see how I do that HERE) and stock up for your life! The $7.50 off is technically good until 1/27/13, but I've seen diapers sell out online.

I just ordered 2 boxes but have to wait until my budget starts over on Monday to get more. Please don't buy them all before I get there 🙂 haha

Happy diapering!

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  1. Have you tried the Target brand diapers before? They're $25.99 for the huge box of diapers, which (for my son's size 4 diapers) works out to 16-17 cents each without any discounts. It's better for the smaller diapers because there are more in a box. A couple of months ago, they were $23.99, then you got a $5 gift card if you bought two boxes — we bought about six! They're good quality, unlike lots of other store brands, and we've liked them so much that we've used them exclusively with my second son without any leaking through. 🙂

  2. I was just going to ask her about target diapers. We love them, but I know people are different. Even without a coupon they are cheaper than "name brands". Plus, sometimes you can print diaper coupons for up and up on I can print 2 or 3 (whatever is in my budget to buy diapers with…) and stock up that way…..

  3. I haven't used Target diapers, but I'm all about store-brands! If they are affordable and work for you, go for it!

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