How to save money on bottled water + PUR filter product review and giveaway!

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Have you ever seen the movie Signs (aliens…crop circles…)? You know the little girl, Bo? Well, that was a nickname my mom gave me growing up because I was (ok am…) JUST like her in terms of drinking water.
In the movie her house is littered with half-empty (or full, depending on how you look at it…) glasses of water. She would fill a cup, drink a little, then leave it. 
When her dad asks her why she doesn’t finish the glass there’s always an excuse,
It’s warm. 
It has floaties in it. 
It’s old.
Well, Bo, I hear ya!
I am the self-proclaimed queen of many things, and one of them is the Queen-of-being-picky-about-drinking-water, Queen. 
But a simple Your Highness will do.
It MUST be cold, it MUST be fresh, and it MUST be in a clean bottle. As a kid I heard that the bacteria that forms in a water bottle that isn’t properly dried or cleaned is the same amount of bacteria that grows when you leave milk out.
Seriously. So. Gross.
Not sure if it’s true or not, but it’s enough to keep me away from nasty old water! While I may be the type of girl that will eat just about anything that’s dropped on the ground, drinking a nasty bottle of bacteria? No thanks.
Obviously buying fresh bottles of water every day is not only costly, but is bad for the environment. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to conquer the task of getting…
FRESH and GOOD TASTING water, WITHOUT spending a lot.
1. Reuse your bottles.
Aside from using store-bought reusable water bottles, I buy big cases of bottled filtered water from Costco, or I price-match them for a good deal (see how I do that HERE). We like having them on-hand for when we have guests, as well as the simple fact that I go through water like…well…water. I always have to grab one when I jump in the car to go somewhere, and like to leave a few spare bottles of water in my car at all times.
Once I’m finished drinking out of the bottle I will reuse it tons of times before it eventually makes it to the recycling bin.
Run it through the dishwasher, of course! 
I simply put the plastic bottle on the top shelf (remove the label if it’s paper), put the cap in the silverware tray thing, and run it through like normal with all my other dishes. Works like a champ.
BUT…what do you fill your bottle WITH?

Here in Utah we are lucky because our water from the tap tastes pretty good and comes out cold (not as cold as picky-ol-me would like like, but pretty cold) year-round. We just got back from Arizona and I wanted to claw my tongue out every time I got a class of water from the sink. 
Sorry Arizonans, but your water is NASTY! And WARM! 
…But I still love you 🙂

2. Use a PUR filter.
(win yours below!)

Though our tap water tastes ok, I still prefer filtered water. We have a filtration system in our fridge door, but recently our water has started tasting like old onion-y ice. Tasty. I called Sears and looked online for another filter. It would cost us something like $70! No thanks. I’ll drink juice, please. 

Growing up in Oregon we used those old-school pitcher water filters that took up our entire fridge, the top would always come off when pouring, and no one would remember to fill it and stick it back in the fridge so it was never very cold. It tainted me to say the least.
PUR sent me this super sweet filtration system to try. They have tons of different products to try, but this is the one I wanted to check out. I have seen these on TV many times before, but never thought of it as a solution for my needs. Well, folks, I’ve changed my tune. It’s the coolest thing ever! Here’s how it works:
You buy the filter of your choice. This one is puuuurty. 
I was surprised at how solid it is, and how sleek it looks!
Everything you need is right in the box.

It’s SO EASY to attach. You take the cap off your faucet,
figure out which ring is the right size (they give you multiple options in the box), and replace your cap with the new spiffy PUR piece included in the box.

You then set the filter into the system, screw the lid on, and snap it to your faucet.
 Um…that’s it folks. Seriously, so easy! 
 You can let the water run out full-force, and with the turn of a fancy little handle you switch it over to the slower-running filtered side, for drinking.
I have to admit, my (reused) bottled water has never tasted so good. 
I refill my empty water bottles with this new tasty stuff, keep a stash of bottles in the fridge, and always have cold, fresh, filtered water at my disposal…WITHOUT having to buy more bottles of water.
Not only that, but I truly believe it will save you money. They have this nifty cost-saving calculator on their site (HERE) that I had a lot of fun playing around with. Sheesh, I could sure use an extra $800…
Here’s how to win your own PUR filter!
One lucky winner will win their own PUR filter! On the widget below, click “log in with Facebook” (that’s the easiest way). Then simply click the buttons to enter! So easy! There are 6 entries available, so increase your odds by clicking multiple buttons.
Click HERE to enter the giveaway online, in case you can’t see the widget

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is potentially a spoiler alert, but watch out Arizona family members…you are SOOOO getting some of these for Christmas.
So when it comes to being picky about your water, I give a great big AMEN! to you and definitely recommend buying a PUR filter. It will save your wallet – and the environment – a lot of grief.
Isn’t that right, Bo?

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Photo source of woman drinking HERE

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