Our DIY Halloween costumes, plus AMAZING Halloween clearance deals!

Happy Monday!
Let me tell you, I'm still suffering from a slight Halloween hangover.
…no alcohol included, I promise 🙂
BUT…not enough to NOT continue recapping this year's Halloween!
This year we had a great time celebrating one of my favorite Holidays. Each year I insist on family costumes. 
The first year my son was born, we were bank robbers (see HERE)

Last year we were a basketball team (see HERE):

(when we went trick-or-treating my husband wore the basketball shirt along with the hoop and it was WAAAY funnier.)

This year we sported two costumes:
The disbanded 80's rock band I explained all about HERE
and a gang from Toy Story 3, my son's current obsession.
The vote deemed me “Pregnant Barbie”, “Teen Mom Barbie”, or “Knocked-up Barbie” since I'm 5.5 months pregnant. You can take your pick on that one 🙂
  • My husband's outfit came from our costume box, 
  • My son's outfit came from a yard sale for $2 and the wings were $7 at a costume shop, 
  • Priya's doll dress was $1 from a yard sale (I bought it this summer to toss into their dress-up clothes or the costume box in our garage…turned out to be perfect), 
  • My outfit was a compilation from my closet and a $5 wig from Walmart. 
    • Story about the wig…I ran to Spirit Halloween Store to buy a wig (it was a reeeeally last-minute costume idea) and they were $20! I couldn't swallow paying that much for one night so I ran to Walmart and found this one for $5. Worked perfectly. 

We went to our church's neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat. 
I decorated our trunk with toys of my kids (most were gifts or bought at yard sales or thrift stores), and used a decorative trunk from my entertainment center that I bought at a yard sale.
I even bought the “You've got a friend in me” song form iTunes and had it playing in our car so everyone could get the full Toy Story experience.
 Today I went to Kmart to take advantage of their post-Halloween clearance. I wasn't disappointed, it's already marked down to 75% off!

I bought some cute yard-stake guys for $3 each, some garland for next year's party for $1 each, and those super rad witch brooms for $1.60 each! (Not even kidding.)
My favorite finds, though, were these wigs. Full-priced they were all only $9.99 or $7.99 which isn't bad. But at 75% off I got them all for $2.50 or $2. The sparkly eyelashes were only $1.
 Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
We are always in need of costumes around my house so I stocked up on some for years to come (using my “Other budget” to budget for these random expenses).

Halloween candy is still only 50% off (not a great deal) and we still have a TON from trick-or-treating, so I probably won't be stocking up on that this year.
What great Halloween deals have YOU been finding?? I'd love to hear about them!
Happy Monday, enjoy your week 🙂

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