Free envelope budget printables!

Happy Tuesday to you all!
Ok, is everyone sitting down?
I am beyond stoked (yes, I just said stoked, that's how excited I am…) to bring you
not one…
but TWO exciting announcements for today.
I'm tingly. All over. Can hardly handle the anticipation.
Second, and most exciting…
We are excited to announce our new…


I have had overwhelming requests for budget, shopping, meal-planning, tracking, goal-setting, and planning aides
I thought it was bout time to deliver, my friends 🙂
I will introduce all the products over time, but today I want to introduce you to the most-requested product…our new
Envelope Tracking Printables 

*Note: Once you order you will be emailed the printable within 48 hours of your purchase.
You can read all about how to use these HERE. Essentially, you print out the adorable printable (in black and white OR color) onto a standard envelope in your computer printer.
You track your spending for the month and voila! Your life will be changed!Give them a try, let me know what you think, and enjoy all the cash-flow your family will experience from having these new Essentials in your life.
I can't wait to see how it goes for you!

Have a fabulous, Fun Cheap or Free day-

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  1. Paying for these printables seems totally against what you have been teaching us. I can totally hear you say, "C'mon people! Don't pay for something you can easily do yourself." Not only would I have to pay for this, but I also have to pay for the envelope and ink, plus remember how to feed an envelope through my printer. I understand you're trying to make a buck, but I kinda miss the Jordan who was just like a friend giving good tips.

  2. Amy! Thank you for your honest feedback, I really value it and take everything my readers say to heart. I definitely see where you are coming from and would love to clarify our decision in doing this.
    This envelope system is certainly something you CAN do yourself for free! So the difference is that I'm not saying that using our printables is the ONLY way to make this system work, it's just an option for those who might prefer the assistance of having it done 100% for them.
    I, personally, have always used the free return envelopes that come in the mail with my medical bills to track my budget on, and use a simple pen! However, I've had countless emails from people asking if I provided a product to help make the system prettier, cleaner, and easier for them to use…so here it is. It's no different than those who design cash envelope systems on Etsy that you can buy. You could certainly buy a stack of envelopes and write "Groceries"…"piano lessons"…on the top, but it's fun to have a professional option sometimes 🙂
    I'm still providing all the how-to, information, and systems for free, but this is simply a $0.50 option to make some people's lives a little easier for those who prefer it this way. Thanks again for your feedback!

  3. I would like to try one of these… I purchased the November one… Now what? There wasn't a box that popped up for a download or anything? Is this something that will come to my email?

  4. Yes! Sorry about the lack of information, this is still pretty new and we are working out kinks 🙂 Once you order (like you did) we will email you the printable within 48 hours, so you'll see it soon!

  5. Thank you for the explanation. I know for me, as I've written out my envelope budgets for 2 months now (thanks for teaching me this simple process!), I've found it's a good time to think through my spending plans and get excited about meeting my goals. So writing it out is an important process for me. But I guess some people would think it's handy to have it pre-made.
    And I thank you for the countless tips you continue to provide for free 🙂

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