I need your help!

Ok, all you lovely readers, I need a quick favor! I'm preparing for my next TV appearance coming up THIS MONDAY (June 4th). Will you pretty pretty please fill out the quick survey below? Trust me, it looks long but it's NOT…there are just lots of options to choose from. It should only take you about 45-60 seconds, maybe even less.

Thank you all, I really appreciate the help!
Oh, and please note, this is 100% anonymous, I am simply gathering statistical data. Thanks!


Thanks everyone, you are the best!!

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  1. I feel like I have to explain myself! hahahah! I used to color my own hair but then the color stopped working right. Blonde colors would turn bright red or purple or orange, browns would turn black, I was a disaster! So I have to have it professionally colored now. *sigh* Being grey in my early 30s just isn't an option for me! 🙂

  2. The haircut grid seems to be malfunctioning. It wouldn't let me put "I do it myself" across the board. It would let me select multiple methods for the same type, but would not let me choose the same method for different types. Weird.

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