Friend-Feature Friday: Comments, tips, and questions from readers

I had so many great comments and emails this week. These “friend-feature” posts are getting longer and longer because it's hard for me to choose which ones to feature…I just love you all 🙂 Enjoy!

From my “What to buy from Costco” post:
I use the coupon list on this website:…
They list the coupon deals and rate them according to how good the deals are. Thanks for the list! – Colleen

Hi! I found this post on pinterest. I totally agree with Costco not being the best buy for LOTS of things. One thing we do is buy a “Costco size” can of crushed tomatoes for about $2.79. When we get home we open it and place 2 cups into a ziplock bag (it makes about 4 to 5 “2 cup serving” bags) and stick it in the freezer. When we are about ready to use it, we defrost the bag and season the sauce to what are our meal will be (pizza, pasta, enchilada sauce..) It saves us money from buying the small cans (24 oz crushed tomatoes at Walmart is $1.24!) and its can be seasoned to be a variety of sauces! Thanks for making such a comprehensive list!  – Rachel

i loved this post! thanks for the helpful info. i knew some but not nearly all of the things on the list (whether they were cheaper or not at costco). another thing to add to the list: GRANITE COUNTERTOPS. total rip off at costco. ask anyone in the granite or home-building business. – Corrine

Is that the Costco in Og, UT? That totally looks like my mother in law standing at the clothes table in your first picture of the inside, haha! – Crystal

Crystal – Honestly…I have no idea! I nabbed it off of Google images! Check out the post for the original photo source and see if you can dig down deeper. How funny! 🙂

From my “Free nursing cover” post:
Did this! Got mine in the mail today and it's great. I love the adjustable wire so I can see my baby. I also tried putting the code in again today, and it still worked!  – Miranda

From my “How I organize my coupon notebook” video post:
I LOVE it!! Seriously, you are so cute and we would be good friends. Great job on the video!  – Ashley

From my “Just a mom” post:
I don't think I could have said it any better if I had said it myself. Reading this felt like you were speaking the words for me that I couldn't formulate in my mouth! 🙂 Way to go! Keep up the great work! – Carly

Thanks Jordan, this was beautiful. I cried, because I am like you and sometimes don't realize my worth as a mom. Thanks for reminding me!  – Rachael

From my “How I do my makeup” post:
Baby powder is my miracle makeup! I mix it half and half with my powder, and it really sets the makeup to make it last longer! It also absorbs some of the oil to make my face look less shiny when it is hot and humid! – Lauren

From my “How to survive a road trip with kids” post:
Great tips here! I've taken a few (road and flying) trips solo with my daughter, who is now 9 months old. One thing I found challenging was buying food at the airport (pushing stroller w 1 hand, carrying food in the other) and taking bathroom breaks. I'm curious how you dealt with rest stops – take the little one in a stroller and hope for a handicap stall that all 3 of you can fit into? I guess I'll figure that out when I have a second child. 🙂 Kudos to you for taking on this challenge and pull it off! Thanks for sharing your tips. – Mahlbrandt

All these tips bring back memories of the trips I made from Texas to So. Dakota with my 2 girls. I had a 68 VW and this was in the early 70″s before car seats. I would lay down the back seat, throw pillowsand blankets, toys, and the girls back there and go. I remember my oldest was coloring on the back of the driver's seat so I pulled over and threw all the colors in the ditch! My daughter told me that Grandma would buy her more! We had such fun!  – Jeanne

From my “Savings trip to Costco” post:
Did ÿou know you don't have to spend ANY of that check at Costco? Just go to the membership desk and cash it! My husband s an employee there. 
Love your site and I know this is an old post so I hope you get a notification but I just found you! ~Kismet 

From my “Use sugar on your lawn” guest post by Lauralee:
I put weed killer/ lawn food down 2 weeks ago, and nothing happend except for making the animals and kids stay off the lawn. So I'm all about giving the inexpensive sugar idea a try. and because its being watered after Im not worried about the ants coming. -Candice

From my “10 most overlooked discounts” post:
I just discovered Facebook freebies/coupons, and love how quickly you can save that way — I just won a free Domino's Artisan pizza the other day! 🙂  – Heather

From my “favorite laundry concoction” post:
A tip or two for you ; vinegar is the best fabric softener to use and it takes off residue left from detergents, etc. Your clothes will not smell like vinegar once they are out of the dryer but you can always put a few drops of essential oil if you prefer. Never use vinegar with fabric softener though! 
I have been using vinegar for over six months and no complaints from my family. Even my two teenagers use it (i also make our detergent, will not go back to store bought) 
Kirkland brand detergent is Tide so while it is cheaper the quality is still there 🙂  – Hele

From a great email from a reader friend, Laura:
Hey Jordan,
Wanted to let you know I picked up the falsies mascara plus a bonus eyeliner in it for $4 at Walmart yesterday! I was on an end cap of the cosmetics section. Also, was wondering about your Costco membership, specifically the laundry detergent coupons you've referred to. Where are these located/how do you get them? I don't have a Costco membership, but am thinking about getting one. Do you have a post regarding the items you buy at Costco that make it worth your while? Thanks for your blog, I follow it daily and have found it super helpful. I have a son and daughter similar to you, 2 1/2 yrs and 1 yr. Always looking for ways to be a good steward of what God has blessed us with. 🙂  have a great day!

Laura – 

WOA! Awesome deal on the mascara, that is awesome!!! I'll have to look for it next time I am there.
Yes, I have a list of the things that I buy from Costco. Click HERE to see my Costco list. To get the coupons, you ask to be put on their mailing list at the membership desk once you sign up for a membership. I really recommend it! Costco is a great place to buy good, quality items. My one advice? LEARN YOUR PRICES. Don't be fooled – just because something is at Costco doesn't necessarily make it a good deal. Keep a notebook handy and jot down what things cost. That way you can compare, “oh, this pasta is $1.25/lb so I can actually buy it cheaper from Walmart…). 
I'm so glad you like my blog, thanks for reading!

From a great post on my Facebook wall:
“Can I just say… my favorite tip of yours for saving money is to ask for discounts! I signed up for a Costco card Friday morning, then got my windshield replaced at Safelight Friday afternoon. Friday evening I was thumbing through the brochure with my Costco member benefits and saw that I could have saved $25 on my windhsield replacement by mentioning that I was a Costco member! I was so disappointed that I hadn't looked at the brochure 4 hours earlier. Then I thought “No, Jordan would say ASK- I'm going to ask!” So I called them yesterday and asked if they would refund me $25 and they did! So hurrah for ASKING!” – Kara

From a great email from our friend Rachel:
Hi Jordan!

Let me start this off by saying I am a hugeeeee fan of your website! I am a stay-at-home mom and I follow your tips and advice religiously! 🙂
I loved your post about ways to save money through discounts.This week I found some killer deals and I had to share with you (since I know you get just as excited about a good deal as I do!)
Deal #1: Free formula! I get coupons in the mail for $5 off formula and I had 4 of them… I had seen earlier that week that the grocery store that I shop at had put the formula I use on clearance for $3-something a piece. I bought 6 bottles…. and got PAID the remaining 26 cents that was left over from the coupons!
Deal #2: Free food! Tomorrow we are celebrating my dad's birthday at Famous Dave's… I signed up for the birthday meal for both me and my husband just out of curiosity. The next day I had an email with a free burger coupon just for signing up! Awesome! So we will be eating for free!
Deal #3: Bath and Body Works has special events going on every so often. The last one I went to I put my name in a drawing for free body spray… and I won!
And finally…. I went garage sale-ing today and this is what I found:
1. A bouncer – $5 (as I was cleaning it I found a price tag from a resale shop on the bottom for $35!)
2. Swim suit with built in floats – $1
3. 102 children's books – $4
Thanks for all the amazing tips! 🙂 – Rachel

From a great email from our friend, Becky:

Hi Jordan-
So, I rescued a boxer dog from the pound.  The night before I picked him up I had a dream about Mike Tyson.  The dream was so comforting, I decided to name the dog Tyson-very fitting, I think.  
I have been thinking of ways to recycle concerning the dog.  Since I walk Tyson twice daily I make sure to bring water in recycled coffee creamer and sparkling water bottles.  I use an old plastic container for his “travel” dish.  This works perfectly since I can't find the lid for it anyway.
I am shocked at just how much you can spend on pet supplies!!  Turns out, some of his favorite toys are stuffed animals I pick up from garage sales. (plus, he likes to play with red solo plastic cups)
I'm wondering if you have any suggestions in the pet area.
Thank you,

Becky – First of all congrats on the dog! Second of all, good for you for rescuing. Third of all…YES…pets can be VERY expensive. Trust me, my dog is 100lbs and eats more than all of us combined. Check out THIS post for ways to save, and be sure to buy your dog beds, bones and toys, and dog food at Costco. It's all WAY cheaper there! Hope that helps 🙂

Thanks everyone for so many great comments. Love you all!

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  1. I have to tell you that asking really does work. My husband wanted to get me a spa package for mothers day. He was going to go with a groupon, but saw the place didn't get good reviews. So he found a place with good reviews in draper, and called and asked if they offered any discounts to first time users. They gave him 20% off just for asking!

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