Exciting news…now introducing DARIN ADAMS from Studio 5 as a Frugality Boot Camp keynote speaker!

I have such exciting news! I officially introduce our newest Frugality Boot Camp keynote speaker…

Darin Adams: Co-Host of Studio 5, Utah's Top (and my favorite…) Morning Show
Holy cow, is this retreat going to be amazing! 
We have Darin along with 6 other amazing speakers that will all knock your socks off. Check them all out HERE. Here's a little more about Darin specifically:

Darin was born in Provo and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Broadcast Communications. After working as a feature reporter and weathercaster in markets across the country, he is excited to be returning home. Aside from Utah, Darin has lived and worked in California, Germany, Montana, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts and Kentucky. He is a multiple award winner of both the Idaho State Journal Favorite Weathercaster award and the Illinois State Broadcasters Association Best Weather award. He was also honored with a Regional Emmy nomination for Best Host while in Boston. Darin has done some interesting things on live TV. He's received medical procedures live, cooked with celebrity chefs Todd English and Ming Tsai, and has sampled chocolate chip cookies with grasshoppers baked into them. He has interviewed sports legends and countless celebrities such as Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer and Quarter Back Drew Bledsoe. He enjoys traveling, the Boston Red Sox, trying anything once, coaching youth sports, music, playing games, getting a great deal, entertaining, cooking and eating. His wife doesn't enjoy cleaning up after him. He and his wife Kristi are the parents of four children.

And just for the record…his is hilarious. Love this guy.

For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about with this whole boot camp thing, let me enlighten you.
On June 23 here in Utah I am holding my first annual Frugality Boot Camp retreat. My tag-line I've decided as of 5 seconds ago?…
Making. Frugality. Sexy.
You heard me.  
It's going to be a blast. It's a full-day, high-energy retreat. We have 7 amazing guest speakers that will be covering everything from:
  • Budgeting, paying off debt, and balancing saving vs spending, 
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning,
  • DIY, home decor and crafting,
  • Health, beauty, and fashion,
  • Involving the family in frugality,
  • Fun/cheap/free family activity ideas,
  • Easy tricks and tips for saving money, 
  • and more.
We're feeding you awesome food all day, doing a lot of fun, interactive activities and break-out groups, and most importantly, teaching you basically everything you could ever need to know about saving money…for the rest of your life. 
Now that you got the jist…

Just a friendly reminder that there are only 3 weeks left until the magical day. So if you want to rub shoulders with Darin (and myself, because I'm just so awesome ;)) then you'd better hurry and sign up! 
Click HERE to register and for more info. See you there!
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