Be sure to sign up for my Frugality Boot Camp before May 1 and get a discount!

Reminder to be sure to sign up for our first annual Frugality Boot Camp! Come spend an entire day with me and other guest speakers learning everything you could possibly need/want to know about saving your family money. It's going to be a TON of fun!
We're keeping it intimate this year and spots are very limited so you'd better hurry, they are filling up quick.
Be sure to sign up before May 1 and you sign up for the discounted price of $199! (click HERE to register)
And the good news?
If you don't save at LEAST $200 (your registration fee) in your first month from all the things you learn at this retreat, I'll refund your money – so you have nothing to lose.

In terms of choosing valuable things to spend your money on, this one is definitely recommended by me. Sure, I might be biased, but really, it's about more than getting people to simply sign up for my retreat. Frugality is all about a lifestyle choice and an overall balance in your life. There are times where “investing” in something that will give you far greater reward over time is worth it!

It's like hiring someone to do your taxes rather than doing them yourself. Sure, it costs money. But if you can save more in the long run by having someone do it for you correctly the first time, it ends up saving your family money in the end. See how that works?

Anyway, come have fun, and I promise…it'll be worth it!

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