Get paid to give your kids vaccines – Utah

Remember THIS post about how I made $350ish by giving my son a flu shot through Jean Brown research? Well, here's an opportunity for YOU to make money! Here are the details:

Cash for Kids

10-12 year olds who need vaccinations for school can earn money. Each year, Jean Brown Research watches a certain number of students to make sure the vaccinations are staying in our children's systems. Its' the same shot you get at the Dr.'s office, only, the doctors at Jean Brown continue to monitor your child and the benefits of the immunization.  
The trick IS…you have to call to get a spot before they are all gone. 10-11 year olds get the TDAP shot and can earn 300 bucks! 11-17 year olds get the Meningitis and HPV shots and can earn 250.00.
I took my little ones in for the flu shot and they each got 250.00 for their time.   We are also enrolled to go in for a dental study. Jean Brown is monitoring the numbing shot they give children (2-5 year old's) when they get a cavity filled. Kids get a cleaning, x-rays and if they need a cavity filled they get the cash. Better than me paying for it! But spots are limited, they only study a few children each year.
Oh here's the number, 801-261-2000.
They are the same company giving out free formula to mothers and babies who cannot nurse or for some reason choose not to nurse-pass that good news around! Call and get on the list!

Check it out. It was a bit obnoxious because I had to keep a log/journal thing at home, and had to do a bunch of visits (some of which were annoyingly long…) but hey, it's some free cash!

Want an ipad or vacation? Saving up for new clothes or furniture? You need to get to work and find a way to afford what you want, rather than spending money that you should be saving. This is an example of something that takes a little work but will help you be able to afford fun things that you WANT.

Give it a try!

Thanks to Utah Kids Club for the info.

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