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This morning I was watching Studio 5 on KSL (a local NBC morning show here in Utah) and they did a special on how to find a good deal at the Dollar Store and what to buy and what not to buy. I wanted to share it will ya'll.

I looked at:

  • Overall quality
  • Price per unit (sometimes ounce for ounce, or piece for piece it was cheaper to buy it in bulk somewhere else)
  • Effectiveness for the job (if it was a cleaning product)
  • Possible concerns–lead in the ceramic of dishes made in China, OTC medications effectiveness or safety, vitamins being “good”, etc

The “dollar” stores are stocked with mainly two kinds of items…ones that are made for the dollar store, and ones that are close out from national brands. There are so many items in these stores that is difficult to find consistency in any one product or item always being there. Typically once they are out, they are out. It pays to know prices, or at least have an idea of what is a deal or not. Here is what I found:

Generally a good deal

  • Gift bags, party invites, ribbons, bows, tissue paper, gift wrap, greeting cards (often 2/$1)
  • Kitchen tooks–measuring cups/spoons, ice cream scoops, wire whisks, spatulas, etc.
  • Small storage containers, tubs, baskets and bins
  • Cleaning products and supplies…mops, rubber gloves, sponges, and all purpose cleaners…work just as well as the higher priced cleaners.
  • Pet toys…savings close to $3 per toy
  • Holiday/Seasonal decorations
  • Mylar Balloons…may save as much as $4+ per balloon
  • Disposable aluminum pans for freeze ahead meals…savings of around $2-$3 per pan
  • Picture frames
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Baby Shampoo and De-tangler
  • Spices–while there isn't a big selection the price point is quite substantial
  • Hair elastics, headbands, clips and bows are a great bargain at the dollar store.
  • Disposable food storage containers.
  • Some dishtowels-look them over carefully, some are better than others.
  • Some make-up, like lipsticks, eye liners, and applicator brushes are generally a good deal…savings can be as much as $6-$7 depending on the items.

Not such a great deal

  • batteries
  • vitamins
  • kids toys
  • canned goods
  • over the counter medications
  • paper products 
  • salt, baking soda, brown sugar
Happy Savings Ya'll! ~Lauralee
You can find the full article here
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  1. love $store preggo tests! it satisfies the need to pee on something a dozen times in that first "was that really a positive?!?!" week, without breaking the bank. also like to get plastic and freezer bags. and airplane toys for ellis to travel with.

  2. I would like to add to NEVER buy their water wings. I usually only spend a dollar at walmart for them so I didn't think that getting them from dollar tree would be any different. Was I ever wrong! My 3 year old has been loving water forever and we got by the water he immediately went on the dock and jumped in…1 wing popped right off his arm! Very scary mom moment but luckily there were a lot of family members in already. We looked at them and realized that the part that is supposed to stick to the skin is super smooth unlike our usuals that are more textured. Never again!

  3. Actually, OTC medications like aspirin, benadryl, etc. are usually just as effective at stores like Dollar General. My parents are on disability, and I went for several years without a job (now I’m working, but only making $9/hr), so stores like Dollar General are extremely helpful for my family. I’ve become pretty good at spotting things that will be good bargains and which things are going to be a waste.

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