Foodie Tuesday Food Idea: Easy Holiday Treat Bags (great gift idea)

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday!
Let me tell you, I know that I'M SURE glad to be back. We moved into our new house (shudder…I HATE moving…) and finally got our internet hooked up. Woo hoo! 
Now, if I could only find my box of socks…
Needless to say, I haven't cooked much lately but I made a quick, easy, cute, and healthy treat that I thought I'd share. This would be a great idea for a Holiday treat for friends or neighbors. Enjoy!
Easy Holiday Treat Bags
All you need is:
  • ziplock baggies, 
  • scrapbook paper, 
  • something to put inside.
Friends invited us over for dinner recently. Since we were moving I had NOTHING to bring, so as a thank you I did this:
I bought some clementines from Costco (I had them displayed in this apothecary jar I got for $5 from Tai Pan Trading).

I put as many as I could fit into a ziplock bag and grabbed some cute scrapbook paper.

 I simply trimmed some paper to fit (cut it at least enough so that it will fold over the top of the ziplock and cover up the zipper part of the bag).

Staple it on there…

And voila!

This would be such an easy thing to do for Christmas treats for neighbors or friends. Fill the baggie with anything – candy, cookies, nuts, or little fruits like I did. Enjoy!

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