Amazing price-matching grocery trip!

I just got back from Wal Mart and had to share some of my deals with you. If you plan to get to the grocery store this weekend, be sure to check your local ads so you can price match all the best deals!

(I live in Utah so these deals may not apply if you live out of state, FYI)

I used so I don't have to find the deals myself. Using the site's shopping list feature I printed out the deals I liked and brought to the store with me (see bottom of post). My best deals tonight:

  • Cantaloupe: 3 for $1 (Reg $1.25 each)
  • Green bell peppers: $0.49 ea (Reg $0.68ea)
  • Peaches: $0.49/lb
  • Canned veggies: 2 for $1
  • AWESOME roasts, B1G1 free! (Regularly $16 each)
  • Tomatoes: $0.33/lb (Reg $1.43/lb)
  • Brown sugar & powdered sugar 2lb bags: $1.25ea (Reg $2.10ea)

and the best deal of the night…

Huggies jeans diapers are on sale for $5 at Babies R Us. I saw this in an email (from this site) right before I went to the store. The email said Jumbo Boxes of diapers for $5 but I didn't know how many diapers are in a jumbo box.

I saw a display of big boxes of the diapers on sale for $17/box at Wal Mart and thought “Sweet! $5 is really a great deal!”

I grabbed three boxes and happened to choose the best checker ever. She was young (if no males are available go for the youngest woman possible. Sad, but true, I promise) and never second-guessed my price matching (love that!).

Turns out I grabbed the WAY JUMBO boxes (60 count!) and was supposed to only grab the 26 count packs. This was totally my mistake, but I guess you get lucky once in a while! So I ended up getting the $17 packs of diapers for $5. Yippee!

Anyway, remember to price-match when shopping, it'll save you loads!

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