Friend-Feature Friday: Friend tip, GREAT Down East sale in Utah!

My friend Rachel passed along this info to me and I thought I'd share…


I just thought I'd let you know that the Down East in the Layton Hills
mall is having an awesome warehouse sale. The stuff is in boxes, so
you just have to pick through it and they stock it with new stuff as
they have time, but the prices are great:

$2.50 for tank tops, half sleeve, and the other “core” downeast stuff.
$5.00 for “fashion tees” the t-shirts that have more decoration.
$7.50 for cardigans and skirts.
$10.00 for dresses.

I  just got back, I got a few things and spent $30 for what would have
normally cost $100. The sale goes through Sept. 18.

Thanks Rachel!
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