New feature…My Favorite Things! 1st favorite thing: Kidco Peapod

We all know I like LOVE Oprah. Remember how I went to see her…twice?? 
I'm so sad to see her go. 
One thing I love is her Favorite Things segment. I thought, why not share some of my favorite things too?! I don't have the cash-ola to give them to all of you like she does (unfortunately) but since I have people ask me ALL THE TIME my opinion on things, might as well give them!
Now introducing:
Here's a favorite thing to start us off!
Oh wait…first, a few things to keep in mind:
A) This is simply my opinion.
We are all entitled to our own, I promise! I'm not paid for this, I'm not sponsored to tell you any of these things, I simply like these products and want to share!
B) Some are steals, some are NOT…but are definitely worth the investment.
It's all about balance, people!
Ok, ready to rock?
My first favorite thing:
Kidco Peapod travel bed

I first saw this on my friend blog. We were headed on our cruise (and we all know how tiny the cabins are!!), she raved about it, so I did my research. I looked it up on Amazon, read the 126 reviews (well, a lot of them anyway…) and decided I HAD to get one.
Why I love it:
Pack ‘n plays are rough to travel with. They take up a ton of space, are heavy and awkward, and if your child is anything like mine, he throws everything out of it to get your attention and he doesn't sleep well in it. 
The Peapod is great because they are completely, and safely, confined!
It folds up easily into a throw pillow-sized pouch, pops open like a pup-tent, and my kid slept like a champ in it! We even used it on the beach and in the airport. (It has some UV protection so it's great to use at parks, baseball games, on the beach, camping, vacationing, etc.) I also read that it's amazing for multiples. Who can travel with multiple pack-n-plays, or expect twins (or triplets!) to sleep in the same bed?! Impossible.
On the beach in Belize

In the airport.

He fell asleep in the terminal! An absolute miracle!
A friend of mine just went on vacay for a week and was super worried about her daughter sleeping. I suggested the Peapod, and she called me today saying it changed her life. She said it was a miracle and her daughter slept like a champ the whole time!
Needless to say, I highly recommend it. 
Pricing, and tips from me:
This is one that is worth the investment in my book. It's about $60 depending on where you get it from. I tried the classifieds, Kid-to-Kid and other consignment shops, couldn't find a used one for the life of me (in the short amount of time I had to search). 
If you find one used, GRAB IT! 
I ended up getting it from Babies-R-Us. With a 20% off coupon (I asked the lady at the counter if she had one, she did!) it ended up being about $47. 
Tip: Your child will most likely cry the first time you try to get them to sleep in it. Just be strong, don't let them out, they will eventually fall asleep and your life will be changed!
Let me know if you love it too!
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  1. Yesterday I discovered your blog as I was researching ways to make road trips with toddlers easier. I am so happy I found you because you offer me a wealth of useful information! We just invested in a second-hand pop-up camper and want to use if for all of our vacationing (we live in Florida, we won't have to go far). I have a 2 year old daughter and a baby girl due on the 24th. I really need your ideas to help make things go smoothly. The first tip I used was to search for this Kidco Peapod and I found one right away on Craigslist for $30. The only downside was that it was about an hour away. I asked my mom if she had any reason to go to Fort Myers and since she did, we carpooled and she even paid for the gas! It turns out this peapod was in brand new condition, the lady never had a reason to use it. Since she mentioned that she received it as a gift I felt comfortable to use your next great tip and offer her less money for it (she didn't have any money tied up in it anyway). I offered her $20 and she happily accepted. She was thanking me for taking it off her hands since she needed the storage room! I think the Peapod is going to be a wonderful solution to naps on trips instead of hauling the pack n play. Thank you Jordan for all the great advice, it was thrilling to try it out and I am looking forward finding more opportunities to save money! Jamie

  2. I just recently found your blog, and have loved it!

    I would really like to recommend you reconsider listing this item as a favorite (and using it for babies) due to the potential suffocation/safety hazards.

    Amazon has pulled it from their product listings due to a comment left by a mother who had her 5.5 month old baby die in one. It is still being investigated and the company has not yet issued a voluntary recall.

    See the original comment and report here:

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