ERGObaby Carrier only $57.75! Hurry before they sell out!

I love this thing and have been looking for one FOREVER. I refuse to pay the $110 retail price, so I’ve been looking in the classifieds tirelessly. No luck. I saw this deal today and checked the classifieds one last time. The cheapest USED one? $55!
I just bought the brand new one below for $57! I’m so excited!

Better get them quick! Click HERE to get yours.

ERGObaby Carrier
$57.75 – $73.99 44% – 50% off Retail $105.00 – $148.00
You can wear your child on the front, on your hip, OR on your back like a backpack. This would’ve come in handy on our cruise; this cheaper one from Target worked ok, but there was no head support (the Ergo has a head canopy that you pull out when they fall asleep) so it made it tricky.


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