Saving Craving! Savings tip: Take advantage of the library

I took a little trip with my son to the library recently. I've only done this a handful of times with him, surprisingly! I just never thought to “hang out” at the library until my friend posted a picture on Facebook of her 1 year old having a blast at the library. Now, it's one of our favorite Fun/Cheap/Free places to frequent!

You can get used books for cheap, can check out materials for FREE rather than buying books, and it's a fun/FREE place to come to get out of the house and play! Who doesn't love that? Check out this video of how our journey went:

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  1. Another good tip for the library: Inter Library Loan, or ILL in library parlance! I think most library participate. The deal is this…if you want a book that your library doesn’t have, they will ask other libraries to loan it to you through them. It takes longer to get the book in your hands, obviously, but it is worth it to read a book you are interested in. The loaning library sends it to your library and they notify you to come check it out. The only restriction, New Releases are not available. I use it all the time. I only buy books that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Great site…I have read lots tonight!

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